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Rage post, nothing to see here.

Played it enough to call it now: what a garbage map. The north is unpushable without a 2 to 1 turf advantage. If you try to advance past the center hill you're getting fire from the bushy hill TDs, the heavies in the center brick building, and long bombs from around the base all while fighting the tank on the other side of the hill in the open. Entire flank is a trap, once you go there you just sit and do nothing or you get bored, push, and die.

Try to scout center and you may get some lights and do some useful work or you may just sit with your dick in your hand because, as per standard WG map rules, the center is useless so no one but the 45%ers who would never influence the match anyway go there. Enjoy the occasional retard yolo up the trench from the south flank where you now get to DPM each other until one of you dies for extra fun. Also, arty loves you 600m away without line of sight on them.

Go south side and run into the church only to find another tank(s) on the other side and you've now prox spotted each other and can't ever move again, because snipers will barrage you instantly if you try. Get pinned down for minutes on end until some one relieves you or the other guy is stupid enough to try to go after you and gets killed by your snipers.

Mop up is a Five Nights at Freddies jump scare game if there are TDs left because WG seems to have gotten over its fear of bushes and went nuts around the base with the paint brush.

Typical game consists of taking lame peeking shots at each other until all the morons thin themselves out trying to be heroes, then pushing in with a numerical advantage, then getting that advantage whittled back down by all the bush wankers until one tank is left standing. 4/10 design, at least it isn't Province.

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This is the map with the shitty town on one side and the clusterfuck of two buildings that everyone huddles around on the other, right? I agree after playing it once or twice at tier 9/10 it is absolutely garbage. There's an area on that map that's designed specifically for most types of tanks, and yet they're all useless at the same time.

Want to cross the river and go to the hill terrain as a med? Get fucked, because the people at the clusterfuck have shots at most of the area and arty will obliterate you.

Want to go to the small town lined across the map? Get fucked again, because there's an immense amount of crossfires to keep you from actually pushing up in it- no heavy tank from what I've seen bothers touching it, and the one time I did  I was boned immediately after moving up half-way through the town.

Want to go mid? Stupid fucking idea, as there's a small ridge that doesn't protect anything that isn't a LT T100 because it's so small, and again you'll get boned from the dipshits in TDs/arty that refuse to move more than two grid-squares after the entire 15 minutes. It's a good map for TDs/Arty, and that's how you immediately can conclude that it's an awful fucking addition to the map pool. 


I miss Kharkov (Was such a good map imo, and it feels like Glacier is a completely shittier version of it), I miss Dragon Ridge, I miss Hidden Village, I miss Northwest, I miss Pearl River, I miss Port, Sacred Valley, South Cost, and Stalindgrad along with Winter storm. Hell, Severogorsk was a good map at times, too.

A lot of the removed maps offered something for every class of tank, while not being too corridor-like (obvious exceptions for some, and yet they still had a way of playing around the corridors); and yet they all offered a good amount of arty cover (par Hidden Village) and a way to decrease the line-of-sight from Chai-sniping TDs. I never once played these maps and said to myself "what the fuck is the point of this, and why did the map creators go full-retard when making this map" like I do when I play shitty maps like Glacier and Studzianki. Then again, it's WG, and they are a prime example of how badly a developing company can fuck up a game that had a chance to be one of the biggest and best, so it doesn't surprise me anymore. 

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1 hour ago, Assassin7 said:

Yup. Map is aids. The town area ive found is the slightly less aids flank on the map though. No reason to go the other side.


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It could be worse like some fellas stealing your tracks. 

For me this map is average among all of wot maps. In HD literally every map is terrible so it says a lot about Studianki too. 

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Not gonna lie, it is my favourite map in the 7201. Absurdly easy farm with max VR, 350 HEAT, high alpha HE, strong armor profile, and the number of crossfires you get from playing central tracks.

On a more serious note, it is an awful map. As predicted on release

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16 hours ago, Hellvn said:

@Masterpupil2 I also miss Hidden Village, Port, Northwest, even South Coast.  But not Severogorsk - that was shit fucking corridors from hell.

Yeah there were some exceptions to what I said- before they revamped the map it was absolute garbage, but as a heavy/med player I kinda enjoyed it afterwards, the corridors were pretty bad but it didn't feel as stagnant as some of the maps now- although I played it before super heavies became meta so that definitely helps. 

The map I really miss is Pearl River though, after I wrote the comment I thought about all of the fun pub games I had on that map- I mean it had everything. It was open on some parts, there were places to scout, places to flank, and huge places to make outplays as a heavy tank. It was even decent for arty/TDs as both spawns had an area to sit in the back of the map (although just saying that still confirms my belief that arties and high-tier TDs are still cancer to the game) and be able to hold off flanks/pushes. It really was a good map, and it was enjoyable to look at, and that's all before the HD maps came out- I can't even imagine the map now if it were in HD, it'd be beautiful as hell.

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