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Is there a thing called good karma in this game?

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During my whole grind with the 13 90 I have played with teams that were absolutely shit, and with a very high percentage of city maps, and 5/10 games with a shitload of superheavies which really made me lose a few brain cells during the grind.

Then I bought my AMX 13 105, and now I am consistently getting half decent teams where I can actually put my gun to use, a lot of stupid enemies that I can easily farm like it's Christmas.

For comparison, my DPG after my grind with 13 90 was 1451, 55% WR (idk how) after 336 battles, and now my DPG in my 13 105 is 2.8k, 80% WR in 20 battles, which is also the second highest DPG I have (even more than 430U, only less than 268 v4). I know it's nothing compared to deep blue and purple level, but for me it's still a lot for a tank that people seem to dislike a lot. 

When comparing those broken tanks to a tank like 13 105 I can't help but think that there is some kind of fairy inside my 13 105 that's giving me consistent luck like this.

Is there actually good karma? After getting fucked years long by everything else?

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