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What is this new WoWS specific premium time I've heard about?

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Some comments on the WoWS forum and comments about news items on the WoWS page mentioned WoWS specific premium time and also converting premium time purchased through the WoWS part of the premium shop to WoWS only premium time.  However I can't find anything official on this yet.  Searching the forum for premium time gives me tons of posts about premium ships and what a waste premium time is because you can't pause it.

Where is the official announcement?  When does it happen?  Can I opt out and used my premium time from WoWS bundles for other Wargaming games?

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its in "Beta" but its 15% better then regular premium time (65% exp and creds), for the same price but its only for WoWs...


So if your like me and have given up any hope for WoT, its just better.

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I still play WoT more than WoWS.  THe part that bothered me is they said that any premium time purchased through the WoWS premium shops will no longer apply to other Wargaming products.  I hope its not retroactive.

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3 hours ago, Bavor said:

I hope its not retroactive.

One would imagine it is not - a while back WoWS had 50% off a year's premium and a lot of WoT players bought it because it was shared. Imagine if players lost what was left of that year's premium?


On 11/24/2018 at 7:24 AM, Bavor said:

also converting premium time purchased through the WoWS part of the premium shop to WoWS only premium time.

They don't learn do they? I hope I am wrong and it is simply the bonus 15% as mentioned above but the "shared premium time" should be a brilliant thing which encourages players to play WG titles rather than the million other games available out there.. My early feedback on TWA was to share it though WG said it wasn't possible due to sharing revenue with the other company (now TWA is getting wound up). Same with Generals (gone) - I wonder how their other titles are faring. Master of Orion, Gods of Glory, Blitzes.... 


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I think it's a separate premium time you can basically buy, the other one is still available and still works on all platforms.

Not really sure why you would need it, with all the camos and flags they throw at you for extra XP, XP is hardly an issue in WOWs, I got the tier 7 RN DD out of one of the boxes, have ground through that and the tier 8 to unlock the tier 9 in 31 games. 

I know WOWs games are longer, but even with boosters it'll take you more than 31 games to get from tier 7 to tier 8 in WOTs, let alone get to tier 9.

I am not even that good in WOWs, just an above average player but I reckon I'll have got the tier 10 from the tier 7 in under 100 games. 

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