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I see no thread on this so I'll make one.


MM has shifted to different priority in making matches:

2 tier spread/single tier/3-5-7.

2 tier spreads range from 4/11 to 7/8.


This has made tier 8s actually playable, you are no longer shafted into bottom tier games every time you ready the battle button. The main side effect of this change has been queue times in tier 10. The wait times on the HK cluster with more players online varies from instant to about 3 minutes (that could just be due to the winter event) and the wait times on ANZ cluster with 1000-1500 is impossible. Sometimes you get in a few times, sometimes you timeout multiple times. It has been possible now with the winter mission but that's because every one and their dog (literally, judging by the standard of play) is spamming 10s for the SU-130PM.


General consensus has been extremely positive, besides the tier 10 complaints. Honestly, I can work around the tier 10 complaints by playing on HK but some others can't. Others however have taken this opportunity to actually grind tanks.  

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I don’t think I’ve seen a T10 when playing 8s since the introduction of the new MM.  Previously, around 75% of tier 8 games were seeing 10s.

T10 queue times where always shitty on the ANZ server, both pre and post MM change would experience timeouts.  The key different know is that when you get a game that it seems to be mostly 9/10 matchups, although I have since entire t10 games on ANZ.

Overalk, the new MM is a LOT better, single tier battles are now a lot more common across tier 5-8.

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Just started playing tenks again a few weeks back (on a whim) and was pleasantly surprised by the new MM. Then I log in here and find it's an experiment lol. For one moment I thought WG was seriously being nice. Then I read about the bots.

Having been inactive hasn't done my WR/dpg any good anyway. Maps in 1.0 are quite different.

Been enjoying the new MM though. Especially now grinding a few rather shitty stock tanks.

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