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Add statistics functionality to Nightbot (PadderBot)

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As users of PadderBot may be aware, he has been dead for quite a while. To be honest, he was doomed from the start. PadderBot was a bit of a hackjob using mIRC and mIRC Scripting. While this is fine for a single-channel bot, PadderBot was supposed to be in multiple channels at once, and once you pass the 30 or 40 channel mark, mIRC starts to get bogged down quite a bit. Eventually it became too much for the poor IRC client and small Windows virtual server to handle and things went down for good.

However, I've created a nifty little alternative if you still want to have statistics functionality on your channel. Using Nightbot, you can easily add a custom command that will grab the player's statistics directly from WoTLabs and display them on your stream's chat in the same way that PadderBot did.

You can add the command by typing the following into your channel's chat:

!commands add !stats $(urlfetch$(querystring))

After that, all you have to do is type !stats [server] [player] and Nightbot will return the player's informations.



Neverwish: !stats na Neverwish
Nightbot: [Player] Neverwish [Battles] 8303 [Win Rate] 55.93% [WN8] 1857 [Recent Win Rate] 52.8% [Recent WN8] 1927 - Statistics provided by

Supported servers are:

  • na
  • eu
  • asia
  • ru

And that's it! Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, there will be new things on WoTLabs going forward. Stay tuned.

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