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State of the Game?

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I stopped playing about 18 months ago (after Fochgate and "Not Mingles with Jingles 198").  Am I missing anything good?  Any reason to come back?

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Basically, the game has been in the cash cow stage of the Product Life Cycle for about 2 years now. Granted, you can't quite fit an MMO into the classic marketing models since content production functions on an entirely different business model (eg. you only make the tank once, whereas you have to produce millions of cans of tomato soup or whatever as the market demands it) but the functional aspects are pretty similar: Go harder on marketing and sales incentives (OP premiums, armor changes to encourage gold spam etc.), lower your efforts on the production side of things as further development sees lower returns (eg. reskin existing tanks to new prems or buff old prems) and prepare for entering the Decline stage of the PLC model.

If WG doesn't make any significant changes over the next 6 months or so, it's a pretty solid sign that they see WoT as dying on EU and it'll enter into what's essentially maintenance mode. You get leftover RU products and events but as far as they're concerned they'll only really keep the basics of operations alive. If you take a look at the marketing PLC/PLM model, you'll recognise that NA quickly entered the maturity/cash cow stage as the game failed to gain the kind of traction it did in RU and EU - hence their many unique events to earn in-game gold and such - followed by hitting the Decline phase with server mergers and so on.

There's also just the fact that WoT is plain and simply old by now, being released in 2010 in Russia. The game has always had problems that WG were too lazy to fix but now that they've more or less cycled through the interested part of the global population, they're slowly but surely dismantling it. It's just that different regions get hit with different stages at different times. RU will probably be alive and well for years to come but EU could hit maintenance mode within a year if it keeps declining.

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