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[12/12/18] Bug fix, tanks added, small graphical update

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  • Fixed a bug where new tanks weren't being added despite the script reporting success.
  • Added missing tanks to all servers.
  • Tank contours now appear next to your tank in your WoTLabs profile's tank list.
  • Added "Latest News" bar at the top of every page on WoTLabs so users who don't frequent the forum can be informed of recent changes.
  • Fixed issue where some tanks would appear twice in the tank list.


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11 hours ago, KeepYourselfSafe_xD said:

Tier played isn't displaying properly for the last 24 hours

So this was a result of the first bug. Since the tanks weren't being added, the games you played in the SU-130PM were lumped together in the last 24 hours which is when the SU-130PM finally made it into the system. Even though you only played 13 battles in the last 24 hours, all your 26 battles in he SU-130PM came in at once and caused a slight discrepancy.

This discrepancy should solve itself as those lumped battles exit the 24 hour column. The issue in general is fixed with the automatic script checking every day for new tanks and adding them automatically, so this kind of discrepancy will not happen again in the future.

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