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Free Scorpian?

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Since status updates are a little wonky today, I decided to make a topic instead since this is only for 14ish hours. I have a scorpian in my garage which I do not own, it's still there from a rental. Lo and behold this is what today's advent calendar looks like when I check out "buy with gold".


So, I can't test it because I only have 6300 gold, but it looks like it thinks I already own the Scorpian and will reimburse me basically all the gold if I buy it. So, do I blow $30 just to have enough gold to test this where if it works I will still have 11k gold? I've been on a "no money for WG" kick for a year and am reluctant to break it, but on the other hand it would probably annoy them to give out a scorpian for free. Has any one else with a rental in their garage given it a shot?

EDIT: the more I think about it, who knows what it actually does. It probably just works the way it's supposed to, and just doesn't give you any tank nor takes the gold. I mean, they can't possibly have screwed this up again, right? Like, for the third time? Right?

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