Exciting News of Game Overhaul @ WGfest 2019

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A brief list of changes to be expected in 2019:

Premium Ammo Rebalance -- gold ammo will be nerfed to deal less damage (by 25%-30%). Rebalance will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Matchmaking -- "Put simply, we would like players to be top of the list more often". More flexible templates: for +/- 1 battles there will be 6-9 and 7-8, for +/-2 battles there will be 4-5-6 and 5-5-5.

Tank Rebalance -- E-100, IS4, STB-1, Leo 1, and Kranvagn are specifically mentioned.

Return of Frontline -- Begins Q1 of 2019. Will be available every month for a week.

New Tanks -- Swedish Mediums w/ siege mechanics. (turreted snipe gods??? someone confirm)

Holy fucking crap. I'm cautiously hyped by how far they (finally) went to fix the game, even after the IS-3A fiasco. I think this is a step in the right direction. Will this make WoT great again?



EU Portal Link:


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