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Looking for help with future feature: Insights

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So I'm planning a new feature that I want to add to WoTLabs early next year called Insights. Right now, WoTLabs provides a lot of information, but most of it is in raw form, and for beginners it might be a daunting or even impossible task to correctly interpret what their stats mean. This new feature aims to solve this by providing the player with easy-to-understand snippets of information and tips based on their statistics.

What I specifically need help with is coming up with ways to use whatever data is available on the statistics table to infer information and come up with tips for the player on areas he could improve.

For example, if a player has been playing mainly high tier tank destroyers in the last 1000 battles, but has an average damage of ~900, the Insights section would tell him that he needs to focus on his damage output, perhaps also integrating his hit ratio to say that he might need to focus on his aiming and weakspot targeting.

Would love to hear any ideas you guys have! Cheers!

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I think this is a great idea, and I think it's definitely feasible to provide useful advice to most players in this way. I encourage you to think in terms of a "minimum viable product" version of the feature that you can ship and then improve, otherwise this might be too big of an undertaking. 

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We'd need to tabulate as many (preferably all) permutations possible based on certain criteria. 

Ideally it should start from a select amount of stats (damage, win rate, average spots, average assistance, tanks played for e.g.), define all permutations of that and associated 'insight' and slowly add other stats into play and increase the complexity of the insight. 


It is an interesting idea to set wotlabs apart. Could also advertise the forums as a place to seek advice if the player wants something more than just the general insight given. 

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This is gonna be a mess, if only because there are so many possibilities of how people are bad.

Easy insight: if you have high DPG but your win rate is below the curve, you aren't doing your damage at the right places (ie. shooting stuff that are killing your meatshields vs red line farming while your bot team melts away)

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I'll be able to help out on basically all areas when it comes to the advice. I've coached players from orange to 4k so I feel I'm experienced enough

It gets trickier at the top-end though (but that's maybe 1k players total? on EU) because the mistakes are something that needs to be seen to find (macro, tilt and derping) but a statpage of a 3k wn8 player with 60 wr and one with 2k wn8 and 65 wr for example doesn't really tell you anything more than that the 3k player is boosted and the 2k one is likely just platooning because of how wn8/service record translates already, but there are obviously general pointers there too to give. They're just much harder to give concrete, useful advice to based off of only data.

I don't know if WoTLabs has the data to do this but one area where I could really see this being useful is telling people which maps they suck on, so they focus on improving on them. Some general ways to play the maps could be written up (per class if you're no-lifing) and a general guideline for decision-making on them. 

You can do the same thing per-tank (at least T10s), it's a lot of work though and I definitely won't be able to do all of it.

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