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Charts: Bigger, Better, Stronger, Sexier

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Hello everyone!

As some might have already noticed, we implemented some new charts overnight. We moved from the dated Google Charts to Charts.JS, which will give us plenty of flexibility along with stunning graphics to show the most relevant information for the players.

Amongst the changes, we are now also providing your DPG divided by class, tier and nation!

There is also some awesome stuff that is on the works, so stay tuned!

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14 minutes ago, sohojacques said:

Just checked it out and it's ace. Nice work Never.

ps One question @Never: are the two flatlines in my average experience real or a result of the Y axis not autocorrecting to having enough range?

Right now it has a very limited range, so very minor variations are very pronounced. Your entire average experience graph covers a variation of only 6 average experience. I'm working on adding some padding below and above the values so the entire line is a bit flatter.

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