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Fail to carry on WZ 5A

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Hello people, I'm approaching you today asking for some advice on how to play better on this map and overall how to play better the WZ 111 5A


I'm gonna add several disclaimers...


#1, I'm not... I repeat, NOT, bragging about the damage done on the match, once you open the link, please understand that most of the damage CAME in when the match was already decided, so if anything, it was just "Stat padding" rather than useful damage.

#2, I suck really really bad on angling my 5A, I cant seem to prevent getting overmatched or penned at weird angles, I'm looking for some solid advice on this.

#3, while I know how to play medium tanks on this map (Going to castle or fighting for castle OR mill) and tank destroyers (guarding mill or castle unless it's an assault gun) I have lots of troubles playing with Light tanks and heavy tanks. I find myself trapped very very often leading to a sudden and hopeless death when I get cut off from support.


Lastly... I want to ask people, to please destroy me with your criticism, it's fine if you point out that I'm retarded with shooting OR my over-reliance of gold, I am looking to improve at the game and I won't improve with sweet meek words but with solid pointers and a few slaps of reality.


Thank you very much~


Link for the replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4704151#erlenberg-star_dust-wz-111_model_5a


Edit: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4704151?secret=14f7caa7aeba6ef8e87ba50f622a2db3

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I'm not the best WZ player and am too lazy to do a voice recording, but here are some things, good or bad, that I've seen in the replay. In chronological order:

1st and 2nd shot, on E4: good opening play, I encourage you to do that more often. Note: this position is bad when the 0 line mill is lost. If you don't have 0 line control, you should then retreat to...

3rd shot, on WZ5A (missed): where you've died. I believe with all these hull-down cover and bushes you already know the reason. That shot on WZ's turret is bad though -- a low-percentage shot that telegraphs your position and might scare WZ into not poking. Don't take it!

4th shot, on T57: Nice sidescrape. It works because T57 is slinging HEAT and have shit accuracy. But later we will see why sidescrape in a WZ5a is sometimes a bad idea (during the 9th shot).

5th shot, on Type 5 (bounced): You shot HEAT right into the spaced armor on its side. SHOOT THE TURRET!!! You would've killed him and kept your allies meatshields alive longer.

6th shot, on Type 5 (bounced): Bad angle, but you should at least go for a tracking shot.

7th shot on Type 5, and 8th & 9th shot on Jagzilla: nice shots

10th shot, where you get fucked by Jag's 170: Now this a showcase of why sidescrape is situational in a 5A -- you expose your shoulder armor (with less angle) where the ammo rack sits behind. You also expose your cupola. Against accurate guns, you stand no chance. But then again, angling matters little against a fucking 170mm.

The best option is to GTFO but that's not possible in the tape. I would argue a better option is to wiggle and bait a shot during sidescrape, then return fire. 

A way to leverage WZ 5A's armor is to bait shots into your angled LFP. Works wonders against tier X standard AP and APCR shells. See graph below:


11th shot on Jag: Good shot, exploit JPZ's long reload and try to eliminate the biggest threat.

12th shot on Grille 15: Another good shot, excellent situational awareness.

13th shot on WZ 5A: Good mechanics but BAD target selection. JPZ is trying to advance and navigate his hull around tank wrecks. THAT MOMENT would be when you snapshot and kill him into LFP with HEAT. You can't take the shot, because you turn your hull away to face tanks who are not shooting you across the river. JPZ and his minions are your primary threat. You need to think ahead on this shot.

14th shot on 60TP (missed): The intention to track him at a shit angle is great, but the execution is not on point. I think you are surprised and rush the shot when there's no need to. 

15th shot on 60TP (bounced): That is unfortunate. You aim at the right spot but HEAT got absorbed by the gun barrel. I bet you forget to yell RUSSIA when you shoot.

16th shot on 60TP: good shot

All in all, you lose because of 6+ tanks sitting around the castle doing nothing. The 268v4 platoon would've ruled the city with authority, but there's nothing you can do about that. 

You have solid fundamentals and situational awareness. What you lack is a deeper understanding of armor profile (Type 5, WZ 5A) and target selection (which comes from foresight). 

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@RunTheGears08  Thank you so much! I have taken all your points to heart and am trying to improve by increasing my awareness.


One point that really makes me worry, is how little I know the sidescrapping methods for 5A, I simply cant seem to rely on the armor for anything :/

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On 1/7/2019 at 6:21 AM, Star_Dust said:

I simply cant seem to rely on the armor for anything :/

You are absolutely right. If you allow the enemy to aim, the tank is naked against tier X gold rounds in close range fights. Turret mantlet is only 300 vs. HEAT. UFP under maximum depression (-7) is also around 300 vs. HEAT. Sidescrape doesn't work consistently on 5A, nor should it be your best method of protection. 

The tank is not built for real man shit like Malinovka spawn suiscouts. You have just enough turret armor and agility to dissuade enemies from shooting you.

IMHO the armor is just a part of 5A versatile package. It gives a possibility to switch gears between MT and HT when facing different enemies. Against slow giants, use your DPM, bloom, depression and speed. Against mediums, bully them in first 3 min of the battle in places like the hill on Mines, then out-trade them with your armor and alpha.

Oh, in case you are in a tier 8 game, do whatever the fuck you want:QBFlip:you will outgun and outrun everyone.LFP is strong enough to pull off some retarded RRR shit.


Some helpful materials:


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