WoTLabs now shows your Marks of Excellence

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As part of a larger update that will enable global tank statistics on WoTLabs, we can also now show the Marks of Excellence that you have achieved on your vehicles.


In order for your Marks of Excellence to be displayed, WoTLabs will need to update your statistics, which can only happen after cache clears (usually after 12 hours after the last update) and if you've played one or more battles since the last update, so if your marks aren't yet showing up, this might be the reason why.

Hope you guys enjoy it, and stay tuned for more!

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9 minutes ago, Sylvansight said:


@Never The lookup for mastery badge is incorrect - it's showing '3rd Class' instead of 1st class on appropriate tanks.

Wow, I had this backwards the whole time... And nobody brought it up until now...



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Is it also possible to pull current MoE percentage and have that as a separate column? (Id also second the tracking requirements per tank, though I dont know how difficult and resource intensive that would be).

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