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Looking to Platoon

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Hi Everyone,
I have been wanting to post this for a while now and thought I would just do it.  
I am looking to take my game to a higher level and would like to try platooning.  I'm looking for more of a chill/casual type of platoon.  I like to win but am not looking to game with ragers.  The reason for this and I'm not sure how to explain this is that I am ex military and have been diagnosed since March 2018 with PTSD.  Some days I'm too afraid to leave the house, have difficulty making change, being in crowds.  A friend told me its a good day when you are above ground, I understand that now.  Just giving some background.

As part of my therapy or recovery I am doing online gaming to help me interact with others.  Some days I just can't hit that battle button.  Those days I'll go off and play some DCS offline.  This is why I thought platooning could be a good place to start.  I think I'm at about 50.6% but am willing to play with any skill level.  Its just nice to be able to work with someone else, whether directly or just on the same side to win.  I think I am getting better at map awareness thanks to Taugrims and Lemmings videos.  I can play any tier. I have a number of Tier 10's and am grinding 8's and 9's as well.

So if anyone is interested in running platoons, add me as a friend or message me or reply here?  

Thanks everyone for reading, I hope I made sense and GL


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Hey there brother! 80s-90s US Army vet here, I'll platoon with you anytime I'm on. Just add me and invite away if I'm online.

I have to warn you, I play mostly high tiers and am a tank collector and not very good at this game. I don't really have anything below tier 6.  I love to grind lines. I took a long break and I am just coming back. 


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Hey Vettish, 

Same time frame here too.  Thanks for replying and the offer.  II will add you to my friends list when I log on tonight. Actually I am back too after about a year long break myself.  I am grinding low tier lines but am doing that now very casual, I just don't like low tiers.  My main grinds are the T8 Uk Hvy line, and the T8 Pershing, tough one though.  And I am considering grinding the Soviet T9 T10 tank.   I have enough Tier 9's / 10's I can run as well either grind or go for a MOE.

Thanks again



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