Looking for klenu - relaxed with no strict requirements on CW/SH etc

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Howdy folks, I'm back from a 4 years hiatus and a hilarious sequence of bad decisions and unfortunate events that led to a "reroll" cause i had lost all access data to my original account (lucky me i never bought a T8 prem before). 

Not the least the fact purple overall would have shamed me to no end since I'm not able to play nearly as well at the moment. 

I'm looking for somewhere i can just chit chat and platoon, something a la old KITTY klenu to be specific. International would be best but the main point is english communication. I don't mind the occasional SH (not CW cause i have no T10 and won't have one for a long time) but not if there is compulsory attendance, my work schedule doesn't allow me to be present at set times. 

Discord presence would be appreciated so i can bug you even when I'm not at the keyboard <3 

If you want a greenie scrub working his way back up to unitato status that can crack a shitton of dubious taste jokes and bad puns I'm all for you <3 

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