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I'm Back B*tches!

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I'm looking for a decent higher end clan f i can manage it, i've just returned to the game due to military training/activities/RL and have been back for 2 weeks- finally have shook off the rust and am on track to hit my peak wn8 from my glory days.

My recents are looking rough, I wont lie, but I think my 7 day more accurately reflects my current play level (for now at least until i've been at it for a month). I play 5 days a week at least.   https://wotlabs.net/na/player/_crackajack_

I have quite a bit of tier tens, 8's and a handful of 6's if you require them for stronks.

10s- IS7,277,5A,E100,TYPE5, IS4, 60TP, 705A,T57,50B,215B, S CONQ, E5

         M48,Leo, Batchat, Progetto65, 140,62A,430U,T22,907

         JPE,Badger, 183, Grille, Foch B, Foch155, 268, E3, (very soon will be getting the STRV)

         T92 cancer

If you'd like to view my 8's then feel free to check wotlabs or in game.


I have experience with higher (ish) end clans, and I definitely play above my level. I have called in the past, but always am willing to listen/learn for CW's/advances, as well as having leadership experience in prior clans.   I generally have a relaxed attitude with others, and am always willing to help/ platoon with others. Previous clans include:REL2, WONKA, FRSH/B0LD, CHAI, YOLO, FOXEY, BUNNY/BUNEH.

I'm looking for a 2500+ recent clan, relatively active, with decent team play.



TL;DR- 2500 30 Day/2900+ 7-14 day (more accurate due to shaking off rust), 32 tier tens, active 5+ days a week, cw/stronk/advance friendly, prior CW exp/calling. Looking for 2500+ recents clan.





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