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29 minutes ago, Wanderjar said:

if Major is 100% at 900 FL  then General should be 1800 at 200%

Perhaps captain is 100%, Major 150% Gen stays 200%? Doesn't look like its in your maths but you never know.

You forgot to calculate Hours spent making this spreadsheet + playing FL :D

also your current Battle Count is 55556. off by 1 damn it... lol 

@WanderjarThe XP bonuses and FL XP awards are straight from the WGNA article and do not relate to each other just the FL Rank... (so no guarantees)

It looks like 30 levels to Prestige; went up about 10K FL XP points...

lol, did not notice battle count.  That last battle was for the Avenger Day 6 mission, only pub I played yesterday.  Only did 6 Frontline battles with modest success.  (6-0 with 1xLT, 3xCP, 1xM, 1xG)


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20 hours ago, kariverson said:

Do we know if getting from prestige 1 to 2 for example is the same amount of games as going from 6 to 7? Considering you average the same rank.

Each Prestige Level (30 FL Tiers) is 30500 FL Experience Points...

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