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On 2/4/2019 at 3:38 PM, tajj7 said:

Have you watched I-chases Hakuryu vid? He is literally putting 12 torps in the water every 30s pretty much. 

For those who don't want to seek these videos.


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16 hours ago, Haswell said:

They should just remove carriers and be done with it. :doge:

Fixed :doge:

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They've got to be fucking kidding me. From the newest round of "Let's shit on the CVs for the lolz":


Visibility of all ships from the air is reduced by 20%. This will reduce the reconnaissance potential of СVs at the start of the battle and will help destroyers to remain undetected for a longer period, provided that their AA is turned off with the help of the P key.

Let me translate this: It is now impossible to spot a silenced DD and attack it on your own at all. And because we are total dickheads, you T8 carriers, who are already in the wost possible spot, will now get your planes shot out of the sky within a single second by a Minotaur that you can not even spot anymore, before it's FlaK-explosions destroyed your entire squad.

What!? The!? Fuck!? Are!? They!? Thinking!?

That they additionally shit on the attack aircraft by nerfing their aim, is just icing on the cake. These planes are already completely useless for anything other than attacks on DDs, because they can't even reliably set fires to enemy ships. Now they are not even going to be able to spot and, even if they somehow spot the DD within "arming distance", they are going to miss their entire salvo, except for some RNG-bullshit.

Fuck this! Just fuck this! What the hell is going on in that fucking developer studio!?

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