Automatic teamkill system versus artillery splash

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These are results from my test in which I was trying to get an answer to a question "how hard is to get banned by splashing my teammates?". I was avoiding direct hits but sometimes RNG is RNG. 

Total shots with a result: 54

Total dmg: 13123

Total stun: 1057 + ~30 from blind shots

Total frags on enemy: 3


Shots with dmg or stun to allies: 25

Total team dmg: 4986

Total team stun: 613

Teamkills: 1 with splash

Direct hit to an ally: 2


Got blue after 12 shots for 1443 dmg and 253s stun.

Done 13 shots for 3543 dmg and 360s AS BLUE PLAYER. 


What do you think? 

Ban has ended the test.

Used arties: bat 58, T92, CGC. 

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Everything was done in one session. Here is all gathered data

Red means team dmg. Shots that hit more than one tank are featured. 

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Share on other sites this version of the link might work for all. cant tell for sure because i was granted specific permissions

I cloned it and redid it on my drive with open permissions if anyone wants to look.

Edit: added counts and formatting on my copy. (also i cant read :minidoge: )

1443 Team damage to Blue'd
253 Team stun sec to Blue'd

2507 Team splash dmg to Ban Since blue'd
360 Team Stun Sec to Ban since Blue'd (also friendly splash kill )

2 direct friendly hits for 1036 since Blue'd (Ban on 2nd hit, which makes sense since the autoban system works on 2 damaging clicks)

4986 Team dmg total to Ban
613 Team stun sec total to Ban

Looks like splash dmg isnt counted, but direct and kills are


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Only via ticket to support which mean pretty high chance because arty shitters hate when someone shit on them. 

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