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Almost every tank line released in recent years has had at least one tank they want everyone to skip with free xp. This is the story of one such tank.

With the exception of the Type 64, tier 6 light tanks are pretty horrid. Bad gun, no armor, poor view range. And yet all of them are miles better than this turd of a tank. It has terrible view range, bad alpha and DPM and doesn’t really make up for it in any way with speed or maneuverability since it doesn’t go faster than normal light tanks and turns like a pig unless you sacrifice speed by releasing the W key when turning. In addition, it gets all the negatives of being a wheeled vehicle, most noticeably the inability to turn without going forwards or backwards.

The vehicle has exactly three redeeming qualities in my eyes. It has good reverse speed that can get you out of trouble sometimes. The cannon, despite having 0.4 accuracy, tends to be better than that number would suggest. And it has a HE round with decent penetration that will increase the alpha substantially fighting other light tanks.

I unlocked most of the modules with free xp so I never got to experience the horror that is the stock 178B. At first I thought it was a horrible choice to play it immediately after release, since the MM was full of both wheeled vehicles and people driving light tanks that presumably wanted to shit on the wheeled guys with their superior view range.

As it turned out, this was the perfect time to play this turd. My tactic was to go near the usual light tank yolo spots, but of course not yolo, load HE and blat enemy lights when they were in a dogfight with the lights in my team. Once most of the light tanks were down, I could use the mobility to get flanking shots and even do a little bit of scouting. Though, to be honest, most of the scouting was done late game since the view range just doesn’t allow good initial spotting. Not just because other lights were better (they are, but that’s not the point) but because you need to get so close to spot anything other than your own shadow that the enemies will spot you and shoot you. And since you aren’t really that fast, small or maneuverable decent players and bots loved by RNG will hit you.

It was quite surprising to me that I finished the grind in 53 games and ended up with a 70% WR and 915 DPG with 397 spotting. I think the only reason I did that well was the fact that I could feed on the other wheeled vehicles yoloing. Since those are better stats than I can in any way justify given my averages and how bad this vehicle is.

If you have the free xp, skip this tank. If you don’t, do what I did and pop all the boosters you have and suffer through it.

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I used one of my 30k rewards from the missions to max this tank out but not all the way. holy hell the pure stock is terrible.

also, they dont share radios with the lights or any other french tanks. whats the point of that BS?

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I used one of my 30k rewards on this as well.  Never played it stock, I free xp'd the top modules the moment I bought the dumb thing.

This thing excels as a top tier, of course.  Most things have just as garbage view range as you do (I had 350 with optics + BiA + Sit. Awareness) and your HE round is a gift from the Baguette gods.  My loadout initially started as 20 AP 10 APCR 15 HE, then slowly morphed into 20 HE 15 APCR 10 AP, before finally ending as 30 HE 15 APCR 0 AP.  

Other notes:

  • The AP shell velocity is garbage.  
  • HE will dumpster any unarmored tank you come up against
  • This tank is best played in a platoon with another one or two of them
  • The gun depression off the front is actually hilariously good
  • The reload on the top gun is decently fast - I'm actually having trouble adjusting to the Hotchkiss (which has a normal-ish reload)

I think once i got used to the mechanics of how to drive a wheeled vehicle in this game it was less bad (though going up against a wall or a cliff sideways basically kills your entire game if you get wedged into a corner) it wasn't that awful - really the main issues with this tank that I had were the garbage turn radius, garbage viewrange, and the fact that a T-50-2 could chase it down easily.


Also, never ram anything in any of these tanks because you will lose.

That being said, I anticipate the EBR hotch will be a lot better

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Just shit on the 50-2 with HE cuz boosted autolock...

My only issue with this tank (?) is the twitchy steering. you tap the A/D and it barely changes. tap it a bit harder and you make a 90 turn. There doesn't seem to be much inbetween that. 

Elite its not a terrible tank but the MM just shits on you constantly. if it only saw t7 it would be acceptable but 8s everything gets dumb quick

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