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Frontline: Best tanks/tactics for farming General

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On 4/20/2019 at 3:52 PM, isterija said:

I have tried this tactics and was disgusted how little progress in the ranks I have received. Killing the turret entirely alone I have moved maybe one third of the rank (Sergeant to Lieutenant). It seems that focusing on enemy tanks and simply ignoring the objectives makes much more sense.

Think of the Frontlines is just a shooting gallery. The more shots you make the more money, xp, and rewards you get. All the other garbage with the turrets especially is totally pointless, win or lose. It absolutely makes no difference. I would take a loss every single game as long as I was earning credits, xp and advancing through the tiers and ranks.

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So, here's my impressions on the mode (I have only played this episode, for credit grinding mainly, thanks to these 4 days I've been able to buy a tier 10 and recover most of my sold premiums, so I'd say around 12/15 millions made overall):

At first it's fun and challenging, especially if you remove any premium ammo from your tanks, it definitely makes a good training for weakspot sniping. But after a short while it gets extremely boring, platooning is much advised, you have some good laughs about weird stuff happening and you also let some steam off when striked by 8 consumables at the same time.

Premiums are the way to go, I've played mostly T92, blackdoge, progetto and t-44-100, there are also tech tree tanks that are really good (BatChat 12T). Lights/Mediums are the most useful classes and they'll bet a decent profit + good ranks because of their mobility and damage potential.

Map is awesome, really open, you can flank pretty much anywhere except for a couple of spots (C west and E west), it's been designed by a third party company and in fact you only find 2 corridors, the ones mentioned above. Mostly soft terrain so fast movers are a must. Rip Lowe/VK players. There are TD nests but they're quite easy to counter, WG should really take note.

Arty is still cancerous, especially with consumables. So you get slapped for half your HP, lose 2 crew members and then you get striked and bombed by unavoidable things.

People still haven't figured how to play the mode, they fast cap and yolo objectives so nobody makes it to General (I've had games where the highest rank was Lieutenant). They also don't know how to take C in 2 minutes so they either leave it alone and go B or get spawncamped (one game in the IS3A there got me 7k damage and a major). It's usually the low wr/stats players. No point in making the game short, you don't earn credits, you don't earn ranks, you basically don't earn anything.

You still see tryhards, people spamming premium ammo everywhere, I wonder if they ever make a profit in the mode. In 4 days of FL I think I've fired 10 premium shells, but then again I played for credits.

Imo it should be a permanent mode, along with ranked. So that people have the time to understand how it works and get the most profit ($, ranks, exp) as they can get out of it.


I'd remove arty consumables though, that's a really easy way to farm ranks without any skill involved.

Racked up 2 prestige points, although I have limited time to play.

Will see what I can do with them, I won't be able to get the emil or the sikrit dokumint t9, but I don't care that much anyway.


I'd play it again, although only for credits/memes.




Btw, I wish the T49 was still a tier 8, would have been hilarious to get top damage every single game with it 

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