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Firefighting directive

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If I use firefighting directive is it also worth to train FF? Or it the directive useless unless I dont have firefighting or firefighting at 100%?

Should I train another skill to 100% and then switch to FF if I use directive?

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In the case of an untrained or partially "firefighting" trained crew; the "firefighting directive" provides the equivalent of a 100% firefighting trained crew.

In the case of a "firefighting" fully trained crew; the "firefighting directive" provides an additional 50% to firefighting abilities.

With the introduction of the "firefighting directive" most would push firefighting off until later in the skill build cycle and just run the directive with food, otherwise AFE it is.

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short answer: no, its not worthwhile to skill if you want to compromise between efficiency and viability

  • ff directive is the only (useful) directive that you can use and still come out with a decent profit in bond earnings on average
  • ff directive renders ff skill completely useless until all members have it fully trained, and then it's a 50% boost to the skill (not worth from an efficiency standpoint) - i haven't tested this properly but playing with and without it there is a 1 tick difference so just like adrenaline rush the skill becomes more valuable the more HP you have since fire damage is a %HP tick

it means that unless you have literally everything else but the actually useless skills trained, training ff and even keeping it at 150% efficiency is a waste compared to what you could run instead

if you run AFE at all then just drop both the skill and the directive as you are making such little use of both, unless it's something REALLY fire prone the risk of you getting set on fire again while your AFE is on CD is just so small that using other skills will outweigh every scenario, even in your tier 10 heavy camo/viewrange skills will do more for you at that point, i wouldn't reskill it back to firefighting until you've literally run out of useful skills - once you do that drop directives entirely on the tank since if you play with AFE in the first place you are valuing economy over performance and with bonds being the way they are you can only sustain them through ff directives, but the directive is close to useless so it's a bit like running food in practice rooms (profit sink without purpose)

the standard thing to do is to run the FF directive, food and train FF late for most of the competitive environment, prime skills first, general second (gun, view range, mobility and so on) and the situational last before ff

ff directive basically gives you an extra skill for 2 bonds per game, so using it makes sense since you can replace the ff skill with skills that together would be worth more than the ff directive cost of 2 bonds

camo as a crewskill (for example) has the same XP cost as any other skill, but as a directive it's more expensive so you should train camo as the skill and keep the ff directive because its the most efficient way of doing things

jack of all trades value went down a lot with reusable medkit, that is a single member skill that lost most of its usefulness but still has more use with it and ff directive than a full crew with ff trained and the directive, skill these skills for all crew members before ff and you benefit more, i'd wager only the really shitty skills like relaying, mentor, automatic ammo switch thing etc are worse to have on than run FF skill with ff directive for the boost on it

it seems the accepted practice at least, this way you grind up bonds and get an extra skill to use on your crew (although not one you can choose) with a -2 on your earnings as the downside until you buy equipment pieces which is cheap compared to how the full tryhard stuff looks like

after a point you hit diminishing returns on crew skills, after 5-ish depending on the tank the directive boost is more useful than the crew skills you can train so then you'll want firefighting trained on your crew but swap the ff directive for a gun stat directive (vstab, vents, rammer, gld), if you want something specific you put all your resources into one place or go vents, same thing goes for the improved equips. some tanks have a treshold they can cross with some stat buffs (like stb with vstab stacking to make the tank much more bearable to play instead of vents that still gives an overall bigger boost to stats) problem with it is the -10 or -12 bonds per game, its unsustainable and has no game mode to farm it up in

im wasted so this probably looks like garbage but i hope it makes sense





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