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WOT Classic: Patch 0.7.0 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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0.7.0 server opens for a week. Everybody gets 4 full crews per nation, a type 59, a ton of freexp, credits, and gold.


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4 hours ago, Kymrel said:

Ah, nostalgia. Hanging off the hill on Mines was fun...

I still remember when I got called a cheater for hanging off a cliff in my hellcat to shoot the roof of an E-75 below. So much abuse you can't do these days. Like completely immobilising a Maus with a couple of dead Loltraktors.

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so everybody gets the type. that means grinding through the low tiers will get everyone the authentic 2011 experience of fighting ten types with your shitty ass tier five with no gold ammo :doge:

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I can't help but see this as an attempt to try to contrast the old game with the new to remind every one of all the improvements they have made. The problem is so many of the improvements weren't improvements. The old physics where you were stuck to the ground were actually way better for gameplay because while they weren't realistic you also didn't have to constantly worry about flipping, falling, suicide bombers, or some fuck on your own team shoving you into water. 1.0 looked nice graphically but smoothing terrain made flipping even worse, while all the new eye candy crap littering the maps makes it harder to see and shoot. A lot of changes they've made really weren't better, they just made the game look better.

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1 hour ago, Jesse_the_Scout said:

I can't help but see this as an attempt to try to contrast the old game with the new to remind every one of all the improvements they have made.

Exactly what I was thinking. Like they are trying to force us to form a positive perspective about the current state of the game in comparison to one in the long past. Well, to me it simply feels like one kind of shit simply got replaced by another shit thing. For example, arty mechanic. Instead of one-shotting tanks, now it stuns them to oblivion. So which turd looks better? It really doesn't matter, they are both turds.

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T30 as a tier X heavy

IS4 as a tier IX heavy

KV3 @tier VI

All chat

Mixed tier plats

Arty's in plats

T18 seal clubbing

M4 gold derp

Sky cancer tier VIII with massive splash and dmg but less accuracy

Max tier IX Td's and meds


Old versions of maps and a couple of removed maps, Komarin and cant recall other one.

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I am about to exploit and abuse mechanics so hard


oh boy prenerf T-54 here we go ez clap

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So I played a few...

-Physics vastly improved, no more fear of flipping.

-Arty can't drown themselves.

-No gold ammo spam.

-Shitlords can't snapshot you at 300m due to accuracy decrease; bloom matters a lot more.

-Environments are nice and clean instead of cluttered where it's hard to aim and move.

-Lower aimtimes across the board feels better.

-Can't get gold so there's zero pay to win factor anywhere.

-Extremely fast advancement as opposed to painfully long grinds to equip vehicles.

-Lack of crew skill variety means no grinding for eternities to have a competitive crew.

-Buffs to TDs countered by decreased accuracy and lower zoom which makes long range fire less effective.

-No battle stats screen after game means you don't have to see how abysmal every one actually is.

-Lack of mods keeps everything even.

Now, there's a lot I think is a bad idea. Arty's too strong, tank balance seems rough, and I'm not sure why they changed graphic engines again, this one seems like a big downgrade. But overall, pretty good patch with a lot of overdue improvements.

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On 3/28/2019 at 8:31 AM, Kolni said:

still a bit too early for me, i played during this time but not seriously

will try it out though, square render range will be fun to abuse again :doge: 

Same, if only they'd give us just after physics introduction when I joined.

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Im surprised at the gun sounds. The lower calibre guns sound so good. They sound nothing like the crappy pfft that smaller guns sound like currently, but actually sound good. I dont remember them sounding that good.

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A glorious return to the days when unicorns roamed free. Fast paced game style with aggressive Russian pubbies screaming "cyka blyat" in ALL CHAT (!). And the old garage and soundtrack! At that point, who cares about game balance? Nothing is OP when everything is OP.

Which has the most OPness?

>Seal clubber M2 light with 360 degrees of vision, padding kills against the influx of Tier 1s.

>The OG Hotchkiss, using its armour against people who don't actually spam gold.

>SU-26 "I don't care about your cover" howitzer, perma-tracking Tier 7 heavies.

>M41 Orbital Cannon, the Tier 5 arty that was used, effectively, for clan wars.

>KV-1/KV-2 Derp, proving that the Soviets were the original inventors of One Punch Man.

>KV-1S, so out of its league with its big boi Stalin gun that it gets matched against Maus.

>The Hero of Hull-down T29 - not tested if its iconic "ears" are still considered hitboxes or not.

etc etc.

Never in the past 6 years have we had this much fun with tanks.

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Another little thing atm, T9's get locked for 20mins after playing them, mind you was funny running around in an IS4 against KV's, tigers and 50-2's.

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I wonder........

Maybe if it's a huge success they'll just roll the game back to 0.7?

We can only dream...

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I love how everyone loves the kv1s but the kv3 was literally so much better back then. I remember playing back then and people would make fun if you played the 1s instead of the kv3, that's how strong the kv3 was back then

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KV-1S had the mobility that the KV-3 lacked. 1S was much more suitable for TCs when you don't have to deal with IS-3s and other high pen stuff; KV-3 was better for pubs because that armor was actually useful when people aren't slinging gold everywhere.

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Things I miss:

  • Old maps
  • Old music
  • Old minimap ping sounds
  • Old garage
  • Old team kill mechanics
  • Tracers
  • Population
  • Lightning-fast load times
  • Map pool
  • Playing my T2 MT
  • Tier IX radio on my T2 MT
  • Lack of any artillery whatsoever in tier 2
  • Being the only brand of medium tank on the field in tier 2


Things I don't miss:

  • No autofire on holding down mouse
  • Camera locked to track motion in sniper mode
  • No mods


Overall, it was a massive improvement, and the only real thing holding me back has been the latency.  The nostalgia high is crazy.



Yup, seems good to me.  Only played a single game against tier 3s, which makes me wonder how laughably bad their MM must be right now.

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