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Just bought it.

Free exp'd the gun and turret.

Can't comment on mobility because the only game I've played in it was on prok, parked my ass on the middle ridge and farmed the hill. The gun feels exactly the same as the t8 and the DPM increase (faster reload and more alpha) is nice to have.

Typical wedge technology, immune to low calibers but anything big and scary autopens.


What should I unlock first?

Tracks or engine?

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See what I said 2 days ago?

I take it all back.

The armour is a joke, that strip at the front of the hull is 70mm and is flat, tier 5s can pen you there. Sides are 3x overmatch for Russian 122s so Sidescraping isn't an option.

WG could have given it a good gun but nope, hits the dirt even fully aimed + shell velocity is poor. Penetration is bad and requires so much gold spam it's not even fun.

I have swapped vstab for vents in a desperate attempt at making the gun less potato.

As with the tier 8, it needs to camo snipe for half the match and then yolo rush the last HP remaining.

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