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Clan WN8: Normal and Battle-weighed

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If you have been in a clan's page in WoTLabs recently, you probably noticed a slight change in how the clan's WN8 is displayed. While previously there was a single number, now two are shown. The one shown in larger font is the pure average WN8 of every member in the clan, while the second, shown in smaller font directly under the pure average, is what was up until now the "default". This value which we call a battle-weighed value also takes into account the number of battles each player has.


The goal of this was to prevent a clan from padding their average WN8 by including several accounts with a low battle count and extremely high WN8. As you know, WN8 as a metric is only really useful after a certain number of games, usually at the very least a couple thousand. Playing a few battles in low tier tanks and stacked with premium options could easily result in an unrealistically high WN8, which would then be weighed as much as someone with 20 thousand battles under their belt, thus skewing the clan's ratings.

However, this method also caused a problem where players with very high battle counts could also skew the results, this time downwards, therefore showing numbers that don't properly reflect the clan's overall performance.

To solve this, I have added both numbers to the page, with the most prominent one being pure average WN8, and the battle-weighed WN8 shown directly beneath. This should give players more information to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a clan to apply to.

That is all for now, cheers!

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You may want to alter your description.  You said...

 "The bigger one is the pure average WN8 of every member in the clan, while the second, smaller one ...."

This is because the clan I am in shows a smaller first number than the 2nd one (Battle weighed). and it makes it confusing, perhaps describe it as " The first one is the pure average WN8...."

I know it's our fault for having such a below average WN8 overall, however we are a training clan and we teach others to play better so that they can move on and share that knowledge with others, it is our mission here at World of Tanks University of North America to carry on the vision of our founder Sir Havoc.

Thank you, great site, I always tell everyone to go here.


Commander W-UNI NA

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It is refreshing to hear that there is a clan out there who's sole purpose is to teach others how to  play this game better. My friends and I have been playing consistently for years and are very disillusioned by the stat padding that goes on here. We have noticed that there is an absolutely sickening amount of players who just dont care about winning at all. Most of us are ready to quit playing.I speak for all of us when I say that WOT has created a community polluted with individualist stat seeking idiots. We would love to hear from a recruiter from the clan of rocket2me. Peace to all tankers who strive to win and play fair. ty

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