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Kampfpanzer 50 t (tier 9 MT)

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source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/06/21/wot-supertest-kampfpanzer-50-t/ 






Today we’re starting the Supertest for the vehicle a lot of you have been waiting for a long time: the Kampfpanzer 50 t, aka the main Ranked Battles mode reward.

This Tier IX German medium tank carries a 105-mm Rheinmetall V1 gun. Among the strong sides of the latter are:

Accuracy (the dispersion is 0.33 m per 100 m)

Armor penetration (268 mm with the basic APCR round and 310 mm with the special HEAT round)

Aiming time (2 seconds)

View range (400 m)

The gun’s single shot damage is 320 points, and it may seem not much at first sight. Yet good stabilization, a barrel depression of -8 degrees, and high armor penetration make the 50 t an efficient fighter at any distance, able to damage every opponent.

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Better turret than E50? Hrmmm... it does sacrifice alpha, but the reload looks nice. Dispersion could be a bit wonky.

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A German medium tank that isn't the size of a heavy tank, with what seems like pretty good overall stats? sign me up except for the fact it's a ranked reward.

I wish the ranked and frontline reward tanks were reversed so I could get the medium from grinding FL.

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On 6/21/2019 at 4:30 PM, Matross said:

but the reload looks nice. 

2.3k base DPM for 320 alpha on tier 9 is pretty crap to be honest. 

AMX 30 has 2.8k base and Patton 2.7k base and that is with 390 alpha as well.


Overall it looks nice, some good points, some bad points, but I think it'll depend on that turret armour, how much is 250mm, how far it goes back (40mm side turret armour is a worry if you can see it from the front) and how well rounded it is.

If you can get the sort of bouncing a Cent 7/1 gets, then that will be a pretty decent tank.

Like a hybrid of a Cent 7/1 and AMX 30. 

On initial stats I am happier I put more effort into ranked than I have Frontlines. 

I also think it looks alight, they just obviously haven't rendered it. 

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2.3k? Check out the latest on rita's. They looked to have nerfed this thing even harder. Dpm and dispersion. Suddenly not disappointed SEA missed ranked. (The AE got buffed for those curious).


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Yep in classic WG dumb move, the 320 alpha medium with less armour, now has worse gun handling and DPM than the tier 9 heavy reward tank, that has more armour and 400 alpha.


Th AE1 now has nearly 2.3k DPM, with 0.13/0.13/0.08 dispersions.

And this thing now has 2.1k DPM, with 0.15/0.15/0.12 dispersions. 


It was borderline whether this tank was any good, but with those nerfs it looks crap now IMO. 

Tier 8 DPM, tier 8 gun handling, below average alpha, weaker premium round than a lot of other HEAT rounds, that turret and hull armour is going to have to be amazing to warrant those nerfs IMO. 

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