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Improved Equipment thread.

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How come nobody has written anything about these absolutely broken p2w pieces of cheating shit? It's so infuriating!



Since they're only available for bonds, which are quite rare to obtain outside of ranked battles and the daily 25 ones you get with a premium account, what are your best choices when it comes to bonds equipment? Where do you put them? Which ones effectively give the highest boost to a tank? What's your thought process when buying/applying them?


I currently have only one piece of equipment, a rammer on my obj260, planning to put improved vents on there as well and maybe rack up some bonds for a rammer on the t8 progetto, vstab + vents for the batchat and why not, vents + optics for the EBR

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I have improved vents, improved rammer, improved v-stab and improved optics.

I think vents have the biggest impact. 

Overall the impact is pretty small, but it is quite fun to max things like view range or DPM to obscene levels.

But I have the vents, rammer and v-stab on my Cent 7/1 as its my favourite tank and they basically improve its main weaknesses, i.e DPM and dispersion.  It's fully pimped with a 6 skill crew, now approaching 7 skills and also I use directives I have, either the vents or v-stab ones.

Some might argue I suppose its a waste boosting an average tank, but I found before I just wasted bonds moving them about to tanks I played for a bit then stopped playing, so thought I'd put them on a tank I used often. 

The improved optics are on the EBR-105. 

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Vstab is the only worth it as it gives you a 5% boost to handling. Anything else gives you boost around 2% or less (Ivents is 1%). 

Ofc they are compared to the regular version.

I have Ivstab on BC and 5a and it makes the handling on these tanks much better

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I have three pieces; iVstab on the Derp 49 and iVstab/iVents on the BC 25t.

I don't expect to get many pieces so I put them on tanks I like and that need the help.  I don't move them around. 

The only tip I can offer is look closely at the supply depot.  You can often save 1000 bonds by purchasing two pieces of improved equipment in a bundle (e.g. ivents, ivstab for 9000 bonds).

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I only have 2 so far, but I have 8k to spend at some point. 

Both are iOptics and they are on the T-100lt (obvious reasons) and 50/51 as I really like playing it and scouty tier 10 meds I always use optics anyway. Thinking the second one might not be worth it and interested to see feedback on vents, rammer and vstab 

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By numbers alone Vents is the most effective one, and you can feel the difference in final accuracy and handling overall. 

I go iVents, then iStab if handling isn't insane (SConq) and then iRammer because missing shots is a bigger problem than not reloading faster in so many more situations for me. I could play the Leo 1 constantly ammoracked (half DPM) if it meant always being without bloom and I would perform better than I do with the current one.


Fuck optics, playing lights is a waste of time since you have no ability to impact the game on like half the maps and with iVents+VR skills gets you far enough anyway, Vent directive on top and GG ur tank is now twice as good as before

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I went with Ivents which I now am stuck with on that tank due to not wanting to shell out the bonds to move them. The problem I find is enjoying a tank for long enough to justifying giving it i equipment.

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The benefits of improved equipment aren't that significant.

~11m view range for iOptics

.01 dispersion on movement/turret for iVStab (and that's on a tank with atrocious base values like IS-3a, even less on comfy tanks)

.20-.40 seconds reload for iRammer (for most tanks, ~.70-1.0 seconds for death star/arty)

Very tiny improvement all around for iVents


Plus the bond cost to move from tank to tank isn't insignificant. If you feel like buying some, they're probably most worthwhile on a t8 prem (frontlines worthy, if you play it). With the number of credit sinks being added to the game (and how un-enjoyable tier X is), most people are probably racking up more battles in their Progetto/Skorp/EBR/Lorr/T44-100 than anything else.

Personally, I'm saving my bonds for now, to see what if the Bond Shop has anything shiny (if it ever gets implemented lol, soon)

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Bonds shop seems like a myth though at the moment. 

And they have already used up two of the vehicles that were supposedly going to be in there in the Black Market, which I am 100% we will see again. 

I bet both the ranked and Frontline reward tanks will appear in a black market eventually. 

The best use of bonds I can see at the moment is in the tank auction after CWs, if you had like 25k bonds then its probably worth playing the low amount of CW campaign games and then buying a T95 or whatever that way.

Outside of that there is not much to use them on and they have been talking about the bond shop for like a year now and nothing has happened. I am struggling to see anything unique is going to go on there. 

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I only have used purple equipment on 2 tanks: the Chieftain and the 279(e) @leggasiini (no bulli pls) 

and that was mostly for the sake of making an OP tank even more stupid, especially considering what the 279 took to get (my soul)

But overall IMO Purple Eq is mostly useless, or at the very least: not worth the cost. especially now that we know the bond shop is coming this year.

such a minimal increase (2.5%-5%) that 90% of the player-base either wont feel, or be able to utilize for what is a relativity high cost in bonds (15k bonds on avg to fully equip 1 tank)

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l am saving my bonds for equipment on tank destroyers first.

Tank destroyers really cannot improve their dispersions, because no vert stabs mountable. Lets say you have vehicles like M56 Scorp or skorp G, T-1O3, heck even AT15A basically has turret,  or FV183/4K5 and Grille, which have awful dreadful dispersion stats. lmproved venting system, Wear gun laying drive are practically your only means to improve these, besides +boosting consumable and BlArms. 

Many of these turret TD, depend on close quarters combat for their livelihood and survivability, and even frequently find themselves in that position. Skorp G for instance in FL or SH, playing like med tanks and flankers. They cannot afford duping their shots into the dirt or to the moon. ln close quarters, you move. And moving, outrageously balloons these vehicles fire control. Hence, they really need Bonds Equipment


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6 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

I only have used purple equipment on 2 tanks: the Chieftain and the 279(e) @leggasiini (no bulli pls) )

Jokes on you I had full set of improved equipment on the O-Ho and improved rammer/vstab on the Type 5 :serb::serb::serb::serb::serb:

took them off the O-Ho tho cus WG raped her to death ;__;

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I used the 5k bonds they gave us for the anniversary or whatever on an iVstab for the derp 49.


There's no way i'll ever play enough ranked or tier 10 to bother with getting tanks from the Bond shop and the T49 is the only tank in the game worth playing in pubs on a regular basis as it is, so my next bonds purchase will almost certainly be an iOptics or iVents for that same tank, followed by whichever one I didn't buy.


my stats will never be purple but my favorite tank can be

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I have 3 pieces If I remember right, Got the chieftain from the last campaign so I equipped that with both 3, vents, rammer and vstab.

You can sense the difference for sure. At least when I played the game.

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Single best use of bonds in WoT is of course ivstab on the T49. I've really really enjoyed my fully improved Even90. 498 VR and 46% camo is hilariously unfair.

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4 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

Somewhere out there in the abyss, Yuno Gasai is running around with a full purple setup on his E-25 . . .

Now that's just wrong.

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On 7/4/2019 at 12:02 PM, Archaic_One said:

Somewhere out there in the abyss, Yuno Gasai is running around with a full purple setup on his E-25 . . .

Surely he’s in prison by now for some type of seriously perverted activity?

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    • kolni

      Been struggling with tier 10 since coming back - jesus christ this is awful. If you don't play something OP you feel like a tier 9 in a tier 10 game. 
      Got an account with a 0 game FV215b that I marked (69 games, just barely 4k dpg lmao) - wound up running the equipment piece that prevents fires and the same directive after the same amount of fires as amount of games in a 10 game session (got lit 3 times in one game...) but after that I never got set on fire again. Totally worth putting those up and giving up vents so you can actually use the HP without a fuel tank fire. Been noticing that a lot of casemate TDs are running new equipment as well (7.5s was pretty much enough RLD to permatrack anything until it dies and it is not anymore. It's closer to 6, so I'm assuming it's the equipment since it also varies heavily.)
      907 yoloing with optics+directive is sort of working, I'm keeping 85 but getting good enough of a session without a derp to fall back down after climbing up is so rare with how common the absolutely worst maps are. I have played 8 times the amount of Erlenberg as I have Prokh (assault and encounter enabled), I also get a lot of Kharkov and Abbey that keep showing up too and these maps are just too poorly designed to get a good enough gameplan to fulfill the damage requirements. There's just no play that works well enough. 
      I tried tier 8 as well, and it's like a different game played on the same board. You get away with so much stupid shit because of gaps in view range and the overall skill level. It makes me feel like my mechanics are super clean as I can poke in to tanks pre aimed at me and fire, pull into safety/unpennable angle before they fire - but at tier 10 that is just wishful thinking. 
      Long way to go, I hate being this derpy in game quality which is what I'm going to work on but tier 10 is so ass..
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    • GehakteMolen

      So, how many trees you cut down (WG send me some thing i could see funny stats)
      In total i fell 56811 trees and shot 21966 tracks and drowned 23 times
      (also mines my best map (i think?) which seems kinda right, in general i get good games there, hehe)
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    • DrWeb7_1

      Starting with update 1.12.1, it's impossible to log in without Bullshit Center running in background. No reason to keep the game on the hard drive for me. Meh...

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    • DoggieKruger

      Still nerd raging on why the American and Japanese MT lines don't make more sense especially when I personally think Tier 9s should be mini-Tier 10's in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.
      Japanese MT line should from Tier 8 onwards be kinda sluggish, but good DPM hull-down snipers. Type 61 has absolutely horrible camo when it's only taller than the T-55 by 9centimetres irl and meant to be a small tank for small Japanese tankers. Would be better if ST-B1 was Tier 9 and an updated ST-B3 or Type 74 was in Tier 10.
      M46 starts out as an enhanced Pershing (as it really was) and becomes some Franken-M47 with unhistorical 105mm, and has 5 crew members. Why not insert the M48 as a Tier 9 and have the A5 variant or M60 as the Tier 10 instead?
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    • DoggieKruger

      Spent 1.2million credits in Ranked Battles only to end up the same rank.
      Welp that's hours of my life I'm not getting back
      · 13 replies
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