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British light tanks are vomit.

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On 7/28/2019 at 5:35 PM, Sleepy_Moon said:

They may remain a pointless line, think China TD. Sad, because they're cute. Standard HESH would be meme. 

The problem is....chinese TD line although lackluster and pointless, aren't useless as squat. They don't have severe ammo shortages. They aren't gimped as TD unfairly. They were not promised high damage, then given the same generic damages instead. For all instensive comparable purposes, Chiinese TD are a mix between obj 268 and TE3. Slower but more armour than 268,  faster but less armour than TE3. An annoying mix in-between, but horribly put off by no gun depression and weird shell velocity   (like old 268,  lol)  But other than that, alpha are normal, DPM normal, HP normal, ammo capacity normal, Etc.  They are just lackluster, especially consider prem WZ tier 8 TD

The problem with the Brit LT, are they are horrible. They just plainly excruciatingly suck. They aren't lackluster, they are woefully inadequate and completely poor performers. Worse yet, WG false advertised them into very capable high camo scouts with great alpha. When their camo ins't anything special considering their modest view range, and their alpha is actually the same. All they have are penetration, and the penetration for some reason drops off with premium ammo with the tiers nine/ten.  




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