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FL Tiers

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Progetto, Lorraine, LT432, EBR75, Skorp G, Charioteer, 252Y. 

These are pretty self explanatory. Fast, accurate firepower or dangerous burst. LT432 is all-around and comfortable, EBR is broken. Skorp G and surprisingly a non prem:  Charioteer.....they are fast turret TD. Defender sits on cap like a boss better than any other, being notably smaller and quicker than super heavy tanks like oho or VK, not to mention bouncing out even prem ammo when shot at incorrectly, or at long ranges where aim is unreliable. 


IS3A, Skoda, Pantera, Emil 1951, T44 variants, Cent 5/1, M41GF, Patriot, SU-PM, WZ-GFT

Here we have autoloaders not quite as amazing as the ones above, but nevertheless good. Emil 51 is significantly better than Emil l because of mobility. Cent 5/1 significantly better than Victoria or Cent 1 because of mobility and front armour. M41GF still remains a powerful LT, with mobility, DPM, high pen HE, and HEAT to hit ricochet angles like Strv, Alt15, or Chimera whereas LT432 and EBR can't pen them autoaiming with AP/APCR and must stop to aim. SU turret TD is very snipy, but is a tad slower than Skorp G. WZ TD makes up for the loss of turret by having speed and nice front armour. Any T-44 works  (not using dupe 122)  but T-44 Hundred is the way to go, comfortable and flexible. Patriot is listed above Caerns, due to superior mobility. 


STA1, Indien Pz, Lansen, Alt 15, AMX Hundred, either Caern, T54 Mod 1, S1/UDES, TS5, IS3, 53TP, HK prem LT, M41D 

High DPM conventional meds. STA and Ind Pz are here because they were greatly buffed. Alt 15 was released pretty good, either gun option work. AMX hundred, though starting to real suck in pubs can be dangerous in all tier 8 battles, at ranges like FL. It is fast and accurate if you wait too, much more than Somua. IS3 is versatile, decently quick, performs better long ranges than Defender or IS3A. Caern, either model some people would say should be A tier, but they are slower than Patriot. lf you are a fan of Strv and sniping in back lines, they are good choices, and fast too. T54 Mod 1 has lower DPM, but is nice all around general performer. TS5 can lead pushes quite well, but then becomes useless as its forced to travel five-hundred meters to find another fight. HK and M41D have good DPM, gun dep, are very mobile but not quite LT432 but good enough.  53TP is quite fast and has high DPM for a heavy, acceptable VR and has accuracy too. 


Cent 1 and Victoria, FCM5, Chrysler, prototyp, Emil l, Chimera, Ravioli, Senlac, WZ132, obj 416, Borsig

Cent 1 and Vic, don't have a couple things. They do not have RAAC engine, or front armour. Which make them bland choices in comparison. Same with Emil l, lacks 1951 engine and track traverse, making it slower despite its listed top speed adv over 1951. Chrysler and Prototyp have strong HP/T and track traverse, but are speed capped making them appear slow, always steaming along at thirty km/hr. FCM is fast, has high DPM, good VR but mediocre after  -  sort of like worse T54Mod1 but with DPM and gun dep. More modest DPM conventional meds, Chimera and Ravioli trade well with alpha, but low DPM. They feature gun dep. Senlac and WZ132 are okay.  If you can make obj 416 work, it can be powerful. Borsig has a turret, more DPM than charioteer / Skorp / SU, more camo too. But it lacks mobility, and those three have it.


Somua, WZ111, lS5, Mutz, Lowe, AMX M4 49, Type 59

Somua has good auto loader DPM. It has fairly acceptable armour, nice reverse speed. Problems are, it has a speed cap and low HP/T. Also the gun is tremendously inaccurate when dialed in all the way, unlike AMX. AMX has bad soft gun stats, but when it aims in, it is accurate, Somua is instead stuck with short ranges. I tried out WZ111 and IS5 today, they are better for the travel periods outside of fighting than something like IS3 or IS3A, and even when fighting trade the same alpha but with more DPM. But don't offer much else. Lowe and 49 are great defensive, long ranged tanks, but much like TS5 suffer long periods of travel, inactive times. This kills their utility. Mutz has been neatly buffed, but still has low DPM and poor armour. It is a bad indien pz, like how STA2 is less capable than STA1. Type is a less capable T54 Mod 1 or FCM, but if its coloured gold everyone thinks you are boss. Better get general in it. 


Every other tank most likely a shitter, and the shitters that play arty or spam consumable arty strikes.


If you all think I left some out, feel free to add in. No adding in SPGs. 






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You can play whichever tank you wish, it is your PC your game.

I mean, I see people playing KV5, Brecher, Jag Tiger 88  -  considerably bad tanks for FL. But they do it.

Cent RAAC, STA1, T-44 Hundred will do considerably better, no matter how happy you are.


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I think the location you're fighting in matters quite a lot. I always pick a versatile tank as my first tank (Progetto) and when that gets blown up I'll pick what fits my plans. Usually something fast though, only heavies with depression and turret when defending C, the rest is all meds, lights and the Scorp.

That being said, I mostly agree with the list. My most played tanks (by a wide margin) are the Progetto, the EBR, 432, T44-100 (so tempted to type 1OO), Lorraine and Scorpion.

Some of those tanks I only pick for specific roles. Lorraine mostly when attacking or defending in late game in the city, where I can get off two clips and get a quick rank at the end. Scorp when defending the field in the end game. 

The tanks I pick for less specific situations, the Progetto, EBR and the T44-100 (and the 432 when I need a light and the EBR is on cooldown) all have one thing in common. They have good gun handling and can hit shots at range. If you need to take a long time to aim you will either miss a lot of shots or you will take a lot of return fire when exposed to fire. Aim time and accuracy are key for me.

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4 hours ago, Sapros said:

Caer (AX) is as top tier as it gets imho.

The tech tree Caern, and Caern AX are strong but situational. They can hold up caps, spot and attack from ridges, have high DPM. However, they are not very mobile platforms. In the defense of caps, if the cap is lost, either Caern is forced to fight and die sitting there, fleeing is not an option. 252Y gets such a great score, because it is a capping monster, having incredibly troll armour. IS3A burst damage, leaves it incredibly dangerous in an instant, especially close ranges. 

Either Caern, are better in direct confrontation and fights, than Patriot or Cent 5/1. But patriot and Cent 5/1 are really good still in fights, but far better choices in between the fighting, when traveling or escaping. Patriot is a great deal faster than Caern AX, notably having better top speed, track traverse, HP/T allowing it to move move move. For this reason, Patriot scores better, because of its greater versatility. 

Turret armour:  Toss up, both Caern and Patriot have strong turrets

Hull armour: Toss up, Caern have stronger front hull without machine gun weakness, but Patriot has better side armour and lower hull

HP:  Caern tech tree variant has most, Patriot / AX the same

Firepower: Clearly Caernarvon tanks

Mobility: Patriot, clearly

Misc: Caerns have side skirts, which can stop low powered HEAT or predetonate HE  (like from M41GF or Lynx)  Track modules are also tougher, resist breaking. Patriot carries more ammunition. Caern has highest view range, Caern AX has lowest view range, Patriot is in the middle, but offers radioman for Situational Awareness. Patriot has a front mounted turret, better for poking, Caerns have it middle mounted like 113. 


The verdict is clear, both throw punches. Caern variants will guard B, C, E, F better. But when they fall, and mostly they do get capped, Caern are trapped and must fight to the death. Patriot can escape, late game traveling around to defend coast gun turrets, Patriot moves around and relocates better. For these reasons, versatility and positioning, Patriot scores a tier better.


and I repeat, whats with 252Y doing top tier? 252Y is a cap God. 252Y will get shot at 25 times on cap, pretty much. And 15 of those times, are non pen or track dmg only. Even from the side, it bounces a whole lot of shit. The tank is broken, not that the gun is great on FL or that it has incredible DPM. But its a superheavy, much smaller than any superheavy, reasonably mobile too. Always always always, the success of capping, means how much defenders you have on cap.  The 55mm roof also helps vs bombardment or air strike or arty, as it rarely gets penetrated, and can't get overmatched by gun caliber  (a weakness of IS3

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