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Broken armoured car dilemma.

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armoured cars are a large difficulty, in which because of them, I play world of tanks less and less, at least random public battle. The last 3 marks  (more of 2.5) I have accomplished, have been significantly harder because of RCs ruining traditional gameplay. Since WG has taken steps to remove problematic and commonly complained over elements, broken things like recently:  Maus / obj 268 V4 /Type 4-5 / SPGs ....it just baffles my mind and makes no sense, they would go ahead an add another broken element. Where is the sense in that. Work on extinguishing 4 different fires, but set a new fire ablaze?


There are many things to complain about. They are too fast for the game engine, which WG insisted on using to tone down mobility of vehicles like H18 hellcat or panzer wagon. Their reverse speeds, in particular, putting to shame even the swede TDs. They have extremely strong gun stats for light tanks, comparable to gun performance of tier ten obj by with tier 7 hotchkiss. Coupled with their illegal in-game auto aim, it just makes them incredibly irritating. Their inability to overturn and time out , or get trapped indefinitely on their sides, is an unfair parameter other classes don't get. Their inability to suffer tracking hits an immobilization, is a major cause of concern, again providing an unfair adv compared to other classes. They have strong terrain resistances too, despite whelled vehicles historically performing quite badly off-road and in rough settings. They have strong camo too. Lastly, compared to recently released Brit LT, armoured cars even have good DPM in comparison, the ACs and Brit LTs need their DPM switched.

I will just use this to quickly explain issues, and how to make them fair:


1)  increase engine module dmg from current to-hit and life saving roll probability and engine module HP.  Increase sustained module engine module dmg by thirty percent, decrease engine module HP fifty percent

2) Tire portion, coloured yellow produces vehicle  damaging hit, as behind the tire is hull body. Max Wheel Angle permitted, reduced to levels like tiers 6-7

3) Tire portion, coloured red produces zero dmg crit hit, as behind no hull body no hitbox gets struck. Zero dmg crit always happen on every vehicle class, ACs no exception

4) Striking the tire axle connection, the wheel  (green portion) produces tracking effect and immobilization. This needs to be added

5) Gun disp stats reduced, aim-time reduced, accuracy reduced to resemble normal light tanks. Illegal auto-aim function removed.  or at very least, other enemies can illegal auto aim them in return

6) armorued cars can flip over and time out, they can suspend themselves on their sides too.

7) Switch DPM of Brit LT with armoured cars.


Armoured cars are fun to play. Sure, I do not doubt that. But they are not fun to play against. It is not just front lines they excel at. With the ability to turn off Himmels, or ensk, I have seen them excel even in closed off smaller fields like ruinberg or paris. And even in these maps, their higher speeds and high pen HE makes them far more useful then other light tanks, tanks handicapped in cities anyway.  






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Taking into account, armoured cars getting fucked over in ensk, or himmels, or minsk. Whatever, there are many shitty maps for them, like ruinberg and paris too. Considering,  ALL  LTs are royally fucked over in those maps, except maybe something like pseudo med LTs such as LT432, LTTB, or T54LT, Etc. This really isn't a downside, as normally LT are fucked over there not just wheeled vehicles. Wheeled vehicles, at least have the probability their favour, of racing to skirmishing spots first, and being able to punish other light armour with high pen HE, which not all other LT get. Lets say you got himmels or ensk, two extremes that are literally bullshit for any light tank. Would you rather be in a decent DPM extremely fast, high pen HE EBR75?  or HK12 or Bulldog or Bat Chat 12T?


Armoured cars literally dominate in traditional campy maps like prokh and malin or redshire - due to the wide open spaces, high camo, high speeds, and auto aim function. Whereas they don't suck as much as traditional light tanks in city maps in addition, because of more speed that gets them into position quicker and high pen HE, so that they can make their shots count



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