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Can someone help me please. Headphones and volume

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I trashed a pair of headphones going on vacation. In replacement, I purchased a pair of Hifiman Edition S noise cancellation headphones.

The headphones, work perfectly fine on one of my tablets.


ln use with my notebook, however:

- one ear cup no longer transmits volume. 

- the wired in-line controller mid-way has no effect, no control over the headphones. The controller which you key with your thumb for quick adjustment

- plugging into an external USB sound controller with mixer and microphone jacks, produces same effects  -  both the laptop jacks to sound card and external USB sound card and controller acting the same in performance

- voices.  Extremely unusual. Never seen this issue before. Voices sound muted and distorted. Like people talking underwater. SFX effects, decibal spikes, music, suspense  -  all this audio works fine. Any talking, gets muted and baffled, like the noise cancellation is working singling out voices.


Ear cups have cap panels, with the company logo, that slip on and off, no fucking idea what thats for.  A mirror is on the inside of the panels, facing the wiremesh ear cup

I have tried looking at if its a balance issue. Both earcups are receiving 75/75 balance.

I have tried seeing if its a stereo/mono discrepancy, I can't even find that setting on Win Ten sound troubleshooting

My Brother mentioned, maybe its a spatial sound setting issue. Turn off spatial sound. It has been off for me, set to the headphones Win Sonic specific mode. But I turned that to off too,  no change

Sound Control panel, in communications I clicked setting:  Do nothing for all other sounds, no reductions. Still, no changes.

I contacted the seller, he says the product was optimized for Apple Products.  Wth? It uses standard 3.5mm Jack technology


Any help would be appreciated






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