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Need some advice - looking over last 100 games.


So, I have been trying to play a bit more seriously and focusing on primarily Tier X's, with the occasional "fun" tanks when I get frustrated (wheely bois/big gun TD's) or arty when I get sad. I have play 100% solo for the last month or so. My stats have started to go down and I wanted someone to look over the tanks I have played over the last 7 days (link here: https://wotlabs.net/na/player/Matross) and help me come up with 2, 3 or 4 tanks to focus on.

Disclaimer: I did chase a "win" on the E50M for a handful of games, so that might have affected the wn8 by 200 or 300 points or so this week.

I'm thinking it's time to get back into the groove and focus on playing tanks that are more or less "alike", and wanted to some advice on what tanks to play. Specifically, I wanted to ask a unicum/super unicum what tanks to play in the current meta and get my stats back up, possibly by analyzing the last 100 battles I played (7 days, link above). 

About me:
I used to be a dark blue/light purple player (on good weeks). I'm most comfortable driving super heavies like the E100, Type 5 - pre nerf (don't play it anymore) and recently, the Maus. I just got the Maus and learning to play it (ie. when to push, not to push, who can easily pen, who can't, how to side scrape and hide turret, etc. etc.) I'm also comfortable playing fast(er) heavies like the 5A, 277, IS-7. I can and also like playing tanks w/ clips. Heavy tanks w/ clips are easier to play for me, than mediums, since they kind of play just like super heavies. I can do well time to time in mediums and paper mediums, but not consistently. I can play lights, but it's not that interesting to me. TD's are boring for me.

Tanks like the STB-1, UDES 15/16, M48 Patton, AMX30, Leo 1 are fun, especially the STB-1 with the insane DPM, is really fun. I do read the line up before battle starts and guesstimate/anticipate who will be where. Tank crews are usually 4+, minimum 3 skills (BIA, skill/perk, repairs for heavies or mediums w/ armor or camo for paper mediums), with the proper equipment (brawlers get vents or food, snipers get optics w/ food usually).


I do notice, when I play light tanks first, and then play some mediums, I usually have better sessions. I think my mind tells me to "play more carefully" since I'm used to playing in delicate tanks w/ low HP. I think it's when I play super heavies/heavies and then play some mediums, is when things go bad, and the back and forth between "fun tanks" or TD's, and back to mediums or fast heavies, is when the stats drop because i'm adopting/mixing play styles of different types of tanks and get too aggressive or too passive. I have to admit, I am chasing the T-55A HT-15 (with honors) and working on the light missions/arty missions, but I can stop focusing on that if needed. I can also drop down to Tier 8 or 9 if needed. I prefer Tier 9 over 8.


 Anyone care to help? I primarily play solo, but can platoon up on the weekdays usually from 9PM+ and on the weekends (just need to schedule).

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