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PvE Contract Missions Guide - Cheesing Made Easy

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Figured I might as well make a guide for the contract missions on how I complete them most efficiently. Most of them become really easy when you cherrypick specific maps to play on. As usual, please don't take my word as gospel, remember this is all subjective.




Daily missions:
Can be completed on standard and hardcore missions, and all levels of Spec Ops. No shame in playing standard missions if you just want to get them done.

Start 10 fires.

Just spam HEAT at everything. Aim for ammo racks, fuel tanks and engines if you're a tryhard. Sometimes you get random fires on your killing shots too, so you'd likely accidentally get this done without even trying. Use a Wilk and spam PELE.
-Snake Bite
-Stormy Winter

Tireless Support
Farm 5000 assist damage for 10 matches.

Assist damage have different priorities: 1) designated targets, 2) de-tracked targets, and 3) spotted targets. This means if you de-track a target that someone else has spotted, you will then "steal" that assist damage. Likewise if you designate a de-tracked target. Be aware that others can do the same to you, so the best way to farm assist damage is to simply de-track everything yourself after spotting them.
-Snake Bite

More Damage!
Farm 10k damage for 10 matches.

That basically means play 10 matches, if you're not racking up at least 10k damage in every single match at tier 4 or higher, you have bigger problems to worry about.
-Do you really need to cherrypick missions just to farm 10k damage?


Cute animal break.


Weekly missions:
Can only be completed on hardcore missions and all levels of Spec Ops. Not that they are particularly hard if you cherrypick your maps.

Support Fire Medals
Get 5 Support Fire medals.

Farm the most number of ASSISTS, at least 15, for 5 matches. This can sometimes be annoying, but it basically boils down to shooting everything at least once WITHOUT killing them. De-tracking and spotting damage also count towards assists, but that can sometimes be finicky.
-Snake Bite

Destroyer Medals
Get 4 Destroyer medals.

Farm the most kills, at least 15, for 4 matches. There's no shame in holding your fire and killstealing, as long as you win at the end.
-Life Jacket
-Spec Ops missions
-Anything with enough bots thrown at your way for you to farm, but short enough so everyone else can't kill more than you do.

Target Medals
Get 8 Target medals.

Repel the most damage on your team,  at least 10 hits and 1000+ damage. Any MBTs with some degree of effective armor will work fine, just drive forward and get shot at. Try your hardest to not get destroyed, because the counter resets once you do. Easy to farm if you sit in front of an autocannon and let it plink away at you for as long as you want.
-Snake Bite
-Any map where you can afford to sit at one spot and get shot at without taking (much) damage.

Teamwork Medals
Get 5 Teamwork medals.

Just make sure nobody dies, for 5 matches. Can sometimes be annoying since pubbies love to kill themselves.
-Rolling Thunder
-Anything short and easy to lessen the chances of pubbies dying.

Blue Star Medals
Get 5 Blue Star medals.

Get top XP 5 times, you should be getting one at least every other match, if not every single match. In other words play 5 matches.
-None. Just farm your damage and win.

Shooter Medals
Get 8 15 Shooter medals.

Farm 2000 damage, with at least 80% accuracy over 20+ shots. If you don't get one and you're playing something with a normal gun (no autocannons/missiles), you have bigger issues to worry about. Basically play 8 15 matches. Don't use autocannons or missiles for obvious reasons.

Kill 5 bots by ammo rack explosion or fire, within the same match.

Possibly the hardest or easiest mission depending on your luck. Yes, I said luck, because you NEED your teammates to NOT shoot at stuff that you've already set on fire in order to be credited for the kill, meaning you'd want your teammates to play poorly in general. Wilk with PELE is still my most reliable setup. Missions that allow you to fuck off somewhere far away from your teammates are ideal, since you don't want them having line of sight at your targets.
-Stormy Winter

Farm 20k damage, fire at least 20 shots, with 100% accuracy and penetration with every shot.

Can be annoying at high tiers because T-14, T-15 and Merk 4M APS can eat your shots. Best done at tier 8 or tier 6. Might be fairly difficult on Ricochet or Hydra or other "easy" missions, since they don't offer enough damage or targets to go around for everyone. Don't use autocannons or missiles obviously. AP shells might help if you are scared of composite armor and ERA.
-Anything that isn't too easy or short, so you can farm 20k damage.

Total Elimination
Farm 30 kills and assists combined.

This is easier than it sounds, it basically boils down to shooting or designating every target at least once for the assist credit. You will also get credit for spotting damage, though that's not too reliable. Not particularly hard as long as you are dilligent in your target selection.
-Life Jacket
-Any of the Spec Ops missions

Perfect Streak
Win 5 matches in a row, without you or your PLATOONMATES getting destroyed.

The mission description is horrible, by allies it really means your platoonmates only. This means if you're solopubbing you'd only have to worry about yourself and winning.
-None. Doesn't matter, it's just about winning.

Expert Tankman
Get within top 3 XP for 10 matches.

Just play 10 matches. :doge:


If you haven't noticed already, a lot of the missions can be made easy simply by cherrypicking specific maps to play on. So here's a link to my rotation tracker thread: https://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/28620-armored-warfare-pve-mission-rotation-tracker/

Also, I really hate those "do X for 10 matches" missions.


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