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Infantry are coming: what the actual fuck?

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The Anti-Tank squad consists of several troopers armed with rocket launchers. Once deployed, it will start firing these rocket launchers directly at enemy targets in devastating volleys at low to medium distances. The entire squad usually engages a single target but if some troopers cannot engage the target the rest of the squad is firing at, they will choose a different one. Their projectiles aren’t especially accurate and fly quite slowly, but at short distances they can seriously hurt pretty much any armored opponent save from the heaviest ones. They can also engage other infantry, although they prefer to fire at enemy armor.

The Mortar squad is essentially your own pocket artillery. As its name suggests, it’s a couple of blokes with a mortar, firing HE shells with a lot of splash as well as bonus module damage at everything in their vicinity. These shells are accurate but not especially difficult to evade given their high arc. If a static light target gets under fire, however, it should probably move away very fast or risk destruction. Given how a mortar squad fires indirectly, it’s entirely possible to deploy it behind a hill and watch the fireworks.

And last but not least, we have the Sniper squad (or solo Sniper). Snipers are essentially scouts and infantry killers. Each team consists of a spotter with advanced spotting equipment and a sniper with a massive Barrett .50cal rifle. They can make short work of any deployed enemy infantry (when there’s an enemy infantry unit in sight, the snipers will always target it over enemy vehicles), but that’s not their only purpose. They are also extremely stealthy and have high viewrange, allowing them to see over vast swathes of map space, foiling enemy plans to sneak around your lines in a heartbeat. Moreover, when firing at armored vehicles, they specifically target vehicle sights’ (optics, periscopes), destroying them to blind the enemy.

Will this game still be rated 13+? :doge:

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As you already know from the recently released patchnotes, in this update, we are introducing one of the most significant changes to the game in recent time – the Mechanized Infantry feature. To make sure we roll out this feature properly, we’ve decided to adopt a bit different approach this time.

For the next seven days, Mechanized Infantry will be in the state of limited testing for a period of seven days. What that means is that while we will enable the feature in full on the live server, we will carefully monitor your feedback for any potential game-breaking problems and will switch the feature off immediately if significant issues emerge.

This is NOT okay.


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First and foremost, there’s the issue of Mortar Squad. During its deployment, this type of infantry turned out to be by far the most contested one, even though much less than, for example, the re-introduction of SPGs to PvP would have been. Indeed, it turned out that mortars were overperforming somewhat.

Additionally, their range was too high and they were able to threaten practically the entire map without the fear of being discovered. In order to remedy these issues, we will be making the following changes to the mortar troopers:

  • Their range will be reduced from 750m to 500m
  • The flight velocity of their shells will be reduced, giving you more time to evade incoming fire
  • Whenever they acquire a new target, they will spend roughly 3 seconds aiming before taking another two seconds to load and fire (if the target disappears during this phase and a new one is acquired instead, the process will start from the beginning)

These changes will make mortars very difficult to use against mobile targets and their limited range will ensure that just dropping them off immediately after the start of a battle and leaving them at the edge of the map will no longer be an option. We are currently also considering limiting this infantry class to non-PvP modes, but that is not what we are ultimately aiming at.

Secondly, there’s the matter of our beautiful but deadly Sniper. This infantry class was neither the most popular during the test, nor was it the best performer, which is why we want to improve its utility. For starters, snipers will receive a spotting buff, allowing them to see better through and around obstacles.

But, perhaps more importantly, snipers will receive a new ability – they’ll be able to designate targets (the same way as AFVs do) once per 60 seconds for 10 seconds or so. Designated targets will be (just like with the AFV version) unable to hide behind smoke or obstacles and will always receive maximum damage.

And last but not least, there’s the Anti-Tank Squad. Of all three infantry classes, this is currently the best balanced one and is performing pretty well. It only needs some partial tweaks, which will include:

  • Higher penetration values on high Tiers (Tier 7 to 10 improved to 700mm and 850mm respectively)
  • Somewhat higher shell flight velocity
  • Somewhat higher accuracy

There will, of course, also be improvements that apply to all three classes:

  • Improved pathfinding will ensure that the troopers don’t get stuck anywhere and are able to better evade incoming vehicles trying to run them over
  • We’ll fix the voiceover spam in situations when your infantry acquires different targets over a short period of time
  • We’ll fix the problem of unspotted infantry appearing on minimaps
  • We’ve heard your complaints about “friendly” players killing your troopers, which is why we’ll disable friendly fire against infantry

The mortar "nerfs" aren't even that bad, considering most bots in PvE sit perfectly still once they get to where they are scripted to go.

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