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Werk sucks. But its easier to rank.

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I am not saying its reserved to Werk and excludes Normady, because the original FL map is bad too. But Werk, takes a whole lot of bad to the next level. This map was tested for months? Who the fuck tested it, the map is terrible. Front lines would be a whole lot more acceptable, if it weren't for these terrible maps. Half the problems with light tanks (armoured cars) are because the maps are terrible swathes of open country and ridges, then you have the strikes, bombardment, and scumbag artillery, who wish to get major or general, but only deal 4K damage in the process because suck at everything else. Then there are the disease-carrier bunkers, which line the backfield and all the tunnel networks......holy fuck bananas, the map is awful. 

Does seem easier to rank though. You need lower consistent effort than Normandy, to get Major. Thats my experience, and what I see on scoreboards. Just don't play a heavy tank except maybe Emil 51, Patriot, FCM5O  -  something with speed.

FL maps need to be composed in the images of Ruinberg, Ghost Town, Paris. Minsk. Large versions of them. Are these maps good? Well I don't know about that, but what I do know they offer every class freedom to contribute. They offer a fair playing field. Heavy tanks can do heavy things and brawl. Lights / meds / arty / TD can cover field. 

Just saying, tanks like Lorraine, LT432, Progetto, EBR75.....they would be a lot less overpowered, when they aren't placed into over powered maps to begin with.



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