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EVGA is the only hardware company that I've had 100% excellent results with their Warranty/RMA process and I had to use it again.

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I bought an EVGA graphics card in 2007 and another one in 2012.  Both were when EVGA offered free lifetime warranties.  The GTX 570 I bought in 2012 developed a noisy fan in 2014 after I moved.  It could have just been shaken up too much when it was in the box in the moving trailer.  I contacted EVGA's customer service and explained what happened.  Then I quickly received an RMA number and they shipped me a new graphics card, a factory overclocked GTX 660 ti, with a return label for my GTX 570.  It took about 2 days from the RMA request until I received the new card. 

In 2017, the 660 ti started to run hotter, probably due to needing a reapplication of thermal paste.  I contacted customer service and they issued a RMA and sent me a GXT 1050 ti, which is amazingly faster than the GTX 660 ti, and a return label for the GTX 660 ti.  The 1050 ti arrived in about 48 hours from receiving the RMA.

Earlier this year, I bought a used GTX 1060 off of eBay for a lower budget system I was building for someone else.  The card had some problems with the HDMI port.  It made me wonder if that's why the seller was selling it.  Instead of sending it back to the seller for a refund, I contacted EVGA and received a RMA for the card and quickly received a replacement GTX 1060.  I didn't have the original receipt, but the original owner registered the card within 30 days of purchase. 

Earlier this month, I had an issue with my EVGA GTX 1080 ti FTW3 Hybrid card.  The onboard sensors weren't reporting high temperatures, but the card was acting like it was throttling due to high temperatures.  I've run the card at +104 MHz on the GPU(which allowed it to boost to 2101 MHz. Stock GTX 1080 ti boost clock is 1582 MHz.) and +550 MHz(which turns out to be +1100 MHz above rated speed) on the RAM its entire life.  During gaming it rarely reached above 50C.  I took the card apart and applied new thermal paste.  That didn't fix the issue.  When I asked on the EVGA forums about it, someone from EVGA gave me a link to their BIOS flashing software and the latest BIOS.  Flashing the BIOS didn't fix the issue.  I did some more of my own troubleshooting and couldn't figure out what the problem was.  I contacted EVGA support and received a RMA for the card.  They didn't care that I took the card apart and said the EVGA sticker on the backplate is only to let the repair people know if the card was taken apart.  In its place I received a new retail boxed RTX 2080 Hybrid with 48 hours.

Between the EVGA cards in my computers and the computers I bought for friends and relatives, I've had somewhere around 30 EVGA graphics cards.  Many of them were used or open box returns.  The three above are the only ones that had issues.  Every time EVGA was quick to replace the card after minimal troubleshooting.  

My multiple experiences with Gigabyte's warranty/RMA process over the past 15-20 years  have been awful.  I've completely stopped buying any of their products because I consider the warranty to be useless.  I've had issues with Supermicro's server and workstation boards in the past and they replaced everything with no questions asked after very basic troubleshooting, but the process too much longer.  I only had to deal with Asus' warranty/RMA process once and it was painless, but slow.  Micron/Crucial was slow but painless also.  Most hard drive companies have been quick to say they will replace a hard drive under warranty, but the process was slow, except for a few business/enterprise products. 

In my experience EVGA has been the only company to quickly replace products with equal or better hardware after minimal troubleshooting.  I know every PC parts manufacturer has issues with hardware at different times, but I've only been recommending EVGA graphics cards when someone tells me they want a Nvidia GPU in their system.  

Has anyone else had similar experiences with the warranty/RMA process with other computer hardware manufacturers?  

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On 11/1/2019 at 10:42 PM, Necrophore said:

Had good service from Corsair with their power supplies. Online ticketing, no need to call and argue.

(Most of my stuff comes from EVGA otherwise.)

At one point I broke the Delete key on my K70. They didn't replace the whole board, or even give me a new set of caps. But I did get a hand addressed bubble envelope with a new delete key. That was kind of cool.

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