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Telia.net to blame for my constant micro input lag?

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I have been in contact back and forth with support tickets for the past few days, doing pingplotter, WGreport, disabled antivirus, restored vanilla client etc. etc.

I use a Tmobile unlimited hotspot, but I live on a hill with a tower nearby, 40ms 30-50mbps up 25mbps down.  It isn't fiber but it is very impressive with it's stability, I use a dedicated wifi antenna. (I also have no tower traffic as I live in a cornfield I get all the bandwidth :) )

Normally I see the occasional lag spike up to 999 and I disconnect, though it is very rare..or a few seconds of lag here and there.

But the past few weeks my normal 50-60ms latency in game has risen to 80-180 and stutters every second.  I have played on 250ms stable latency in the past(had 1mbps dsl from 2011 to 2016 when I pulled super uni stats with 250ms) I could handle it if packets were consistently being sent and received.  WG is claming the issue is my ISP so I installed a VPN in case I was throttled and the issue was exactly the same only slightly worse because of extra VPN routing...

What do you guys think?  I know there have been several telia.net posts years ago, but I think the issues are back.  I played fine on this setup for the past year or more, it has slowly degraded the past few weeks during peak hours it is horrible, 3AMt it is playable ish.



Telia plot.PNG

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