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What Kingdom under Fire 2's NA/EU release tells us about Armored Warfare's failure.

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AW is just a shitty WOT clone with a few aspects that make it slightly more playable. 

Its quite hard to make such a game successful.

I've only watched part of the video but AW's failure is hella more complex than failing to understand a tiny market composed mostly of people who don't care about tanks but do care about gameplay.

Really popularity seems to be just a numbers game.


From the video I think the KF2 devs aren't acting money hungry enough but then I doubt their game is interesting anyway. Fuck grinding. Make people pay a subscription or smth, mature/functional people humans have jobs for a reason.

Although, perhaps its a statement about the state of our world that such a thing is uncommon. Since such a roundabout, yet fairly simple way is important to profits...

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