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New battle path: yet another money and time sink

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As we announced in our article about the plans for 2019, we will be launching a new, American-themed Battle Path campaign in December. We’ve decided to call it the Last Patriot since you’ll be helping a former U.S. Army and ISD officer by the name of Austin Harper make contact with the Resistance movement following the disastrous events of the Moscow Calling season.


Mechanically, the Last Patriot Battle Path will have much in common with the previous campaigns. Once you acquire access to the campaign, you’ll be earning Battle Coins and spending them on Battle Path progress. Battle Coins will be earned either by just playing or by completing missions. Several mission sets will be available like the last time.

Like the last time, the campaign will feature several Premium vehicles available as a part of the campaign’s basic level progress. These will be:

  • XM247 Sergeant York Tier 5 Premium AFV for achieving Level 10
  • Griffin 120mm Tier 8 Premium LT for achieving Level 30
  • CATTB Tier 10 Premium MBT for achieving Level 50 (along with an optional skin)

Unlike the last time, however, there will not be any “bonus” progression levels – the level progress will end with Level 50 and the acquisition of the CATTB. For those players who want to have it all, another special skin for the CATTB will be available for completing a certain number of Battle Path missions.


Premium Vehicles (Click to Open)







Apart from the abovementioned Premium vehicles, the Battle Path levels will contain other rewards such as Battle Coin boosters, camouflages, decals, avatars, Gold, boosters and much more.


There will also be four mission chains, each unlockable with a ticket (available at Level 1, 7 and 12) and each with a different focus and reward:

  • Dealing damage with high-caliber weapons (130mm or more, excl. ATGMs) with the top reward being the Expeditionary Tank Tier 6 Premium LT and the Prime skin for it
  • Various armor-related objectives with the top reward being the MBT-70 Tier 6 Premium MBT and the Prime skin for it
  • Dealing damage with HEAT rounds (excl. ATGMs) with the top reward being the RDF/LT Tier 6 Premium LT and the Prime skin for it

Players who already have those Premium vehicles will receive Gold instead.

The final, fourth mission chain will, as usual, be unlocked upon completing the other three and will reward you with Commander Austin Harper. Austin Harper will focus on buffing allies around him and, like a true action hero, the less people will be on his team, the stronger will his vehicle become. You’ll learn more about him soon in a dedicated article.


Prime Skins (Click to Open)


But here’s where things get quite different. Like we mentioned before, you’ll have several ways of earning Battle Coins.

The first one is simply by playing. We’ve made some significant changes to the formula. There will no longer be a random factor to this type of reward –you’ll receive a fixed amount of Battle Coins (2 for PvE and GLOPS, 3 for PvP) for each minute of effective combat. Effective combat time is a new mechanic that counts only the time when you are active in battle (during or between the actions that contribute towards your team’s effort).

During the last Battle Path, we received a number of reports about players who enter some battles and go AFK and still receive some rewards. This mechanic solves the situation – unless you actively contribute to the battle, you will receive either nothing or very little. The exact length will be rounded up for the purposes of rewards (eg. 41 seconds will be treated as 1 minute, 1:01 minute as 2 minutes etc.) and will be available on the results screen.

Like before, winning will multiply your reward (by 1.25 for PvE and GLOPS and by 1.5 for PvP) but you’ll also receive extra Battle Coins for being amongst the best players on the battlefield (4 for Top 2 in PvE, 5 for Top 5 in PvP and 10 for Top 5 in GLOPS).

The second way is by completing the updated Repeatable Battle Coin Missions. This feature also appear during the last Battle Path and, like with the Battle Coin formula above, we have changed it for this one.


There will be three missions available:

  • Deal a certain amount of damage (each point of damage against player vehicles will count as five for the purpose of this mission)
  • Destroy a certain number of enemy vehicles (each player vehicle will count as five)
  • Earn a certain amount of net Experience

The cooldown of these missions will be 72 hours. However, there’s a twist to them. Upon each cooldown, each of these three missions will also contain a randomly chosen set of conditions. For example, the Battle Path may ask you to deal damage while driving a Marat Shishkin Tank Destroyer, or a Sol Schreiber vehicle of any class.

Additionally, there will be a third, brand new, way called Challenges. Next to the mission chains and the Repeatable Battle Coin Missions, Challenges are a third type of tasks that you can complete for additional Battle Coins.


Challenges (there will be ten of them in total) will open on weekly basis as the event progresses. Each Challenge requires you to do something (for example, deal 15.000 damage in PvE/GLOPS or 3.000 damage in PvP) and consists of ten stages, each more difficult than the last. The abovementioned Challenge opening will be server-based, so joining the Battle Path two weeks into it will allow you to start with two Challenges already unlocked. This will help latecomers to catch up on progress faster than ever before.

And, last but not least, one new mechanic will be available – the Workshop. This new Battle Path tab will allow you to modify your Battle Path vehicles with additional performance-enhancing or modifying modules that will be available for completing a certain number of Battle Path Missions (chain or daily) or Challenges. These include for example a module for the XM247 that will trade more mobility for fewer hitpoints or new, advanced shells for the Griffin 120mm.


These modules will become available only when you obtain the vehicle itself, although the completed missions and challenges from this Battle Path will count retroactively. With some effort, all these upgrades will be obtainable during the Last Patriot Battle Path but it is worth noting that if you don’t manage to do that, future Battle Path missions and challenges will count towards them as well.

For those players with spare Battle Coins, there will also be a brand new Patriot Loot Crate with blueprint pieces of the fourth Battle Path Premium vehicle – the Bradley AAWS-H Tier 8 Premium TD, a LOSAT program predecessor to the already implemented M8 MGM-166. As the name suggests, it will be armed with kinetic missiles, albeit with lower performance corresponding to its Tier.


But, in addition to the blueprints, the Patriot Loot Crate will have three new traits compared to the last time:

  • It will drop parts of Special Loot Crates
  • Special Loot Crates will include a chance to drop Premium vehicles (including Tier 10s) that you don’t already have
  • Special Loot Crates will include a small chance to drop Battle Path commanders (Alexander Cortez, Alisa Korhonen and Ofelia Kitescu)
  • Every opening of a Special Loot Crate will count towards the Workshop module progression (as long as you own the Workshop vehicles)

And that’s the long and short of it. The Last Patriot Battle Path took plenty of your feedback into account as well as our experience with the last one. As you might have noticed, we’ve removed some elements of the older Battle Paths, such as:

  • Randomization of Battle Coin income (which you criticized)
  • Tying Battle Path progress to the Contract Missions (which was also criticized due to the randomness of the Contract Mission campaign itself)
  • Elite Loot Crates (their mechanics were merged with the Patriot Loot Crates)

We hope that you will like the improvements we’ve made.

See you on the battlefield!


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As Light Tanks go, the Griffin 120mm will not have all that high damage per minute values. Nor will it feature extremely thick armor, but that’s to be expected when it comes to this vehicle class. It will be able to withstand light autocannon rounds (up to roughly 30mm) but that’s about it, even though an Iron Fist APS, when unlocked, will provide some measure of extra protection.


Its real strength will lie in very high-tech ammunition for its 120mm XM360 smoothbore gun. The basic ammunition will consist of a standard APFSDS round (M829A1) and a standard HEAT-MP round (M830A1), but the following special rounds will be unlockable through the additional vehicle progression system:

  • XM1111 MRM-CE – effectively a HEAT round with some limited guidance, 800mm of penetration and 600 damage
  • XM1111 MRM-KE – effectively a kinetic round with some limited guidance and kinetic ATGM mechanics, which allow it to gain more damage and penetration at longer distances (from 550 damage and 670mm penetration at 50m to 605 damage and 737mm at 200m)

The gun will also feature excellent accuracy and depression/elevation values for its type (-10/+20 degrees). Combined with solid mobility (816hp MTU engine at 41 tons, 72 km/h maximum speed and the ability to reach 32 km/h in 4 seconds), the Griffin 120mm will be a tactical sniper with a wide variety of tools at its disposal.


Unlike with the other LTs, aggressiveness won’t be the key to success for this vehicle – instead, careful, methodical approach should be applied whenever driving it, making it closer to the concept of a Tank Destroyer rather than a true Light Tank.





In Armored Warfare, the XM247 Sergeant York will be a Tier 5 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle and the first Patriot Battle Path vehicle reward, obtainable for progressing through the Battle Path’s levels. It will be followed by the second, recently unveiled, Battle Path’s level prize, the Griffin 120mm Tier 8 Premium Light Tank.


As its appearance suggests, it will be a somewhat heavy AFV with two guns and therefore plenty of firepower. But before we get into any details, the usual disclaimer:

The numbers below are very preliminary as the vehicle has not been properly tested. They are sure to change and should only be discussed as an indicator of how we’d like to set the vehicle up.

With that being said:

The XM247 will somewhat resemble a bigger, heavier, slower but also better armed and armored AMX-13 DCA AFV. Given its class, however, its armor will not be its main feature. While the hull (belonging to the M48A5 – in in-game terms, Magach 5 – MBT) will be able to withstand some fire, the large turret will be more or less vulnerable to everything, including lighter autocannons. This will not be a breakthrough vehicle, or even a frontline one.

Nor will it boast high mobility – with its hull and engine derived from a Patton tank, the acceleration and maximum speed will be roughly the same, although we will be giving it a more powerful 900hp engine than the original vehicle had in order to compensate for the extra weight of the turret.


Instead, the XM247 will be about mid-to-long range fire support. With its fairly accurate twin 40mm autocannons and its decent rate of fire (400 rounds per minute for both barrels combined), it’ll be able to lay down a hailstorm of steel and explosives at any target. The guns will fire either HE-I rounds (with that popular extra bonus to the chance to set your enemies on fire), or solid AP sub-caliber rounds with 200mm of penetration and 50 damage per shot.

Additionally, the guns will not fire in bursts – just press that left mouse button and keep the enemy in your sights. Doing this will naturally cause your accuracy to decay over time but firing in long bursts will be an option.

By now, you’re probably already running the numbers in your head – yes indeed, the vehicle will have very high damage per minute value, especially against lightly armored targets. The guns will also be quite comfortable to aim (-10/+85 gun depression and elevation, rapid turret traverse).

However, as you have probably guessed, the vehicle will not very stealthy given its large size. After all, it’s basically a Main Battle Tank chassis with an even bigger turret than the original MBT had. As a result, while the viewrange will be excellent (415 meters), the camouflage factor will be quite poor (16 percent).


Sergeant York, however, has one last ace up his sleeve – the Radar active ability, allowing it to deploy its radar system to detect enemies at longer distances. Doing so will make you even more conspicuous than before (reducing the camouflage from 16 to 12 percent) but, at the same time, the viewrange will be increased from 415 meters to 450 meters.





However, you’ll have the chance to drive the CATTB in Armored Warfare because this Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank will appear soon in Armored Warfare as the ultimate vehicle reward for obtaining levels during the upcoming Last Patriot Battle Path (preceded by XM247 and Griffin 120mm).

In a way, the game will feature two separate branches of Abrams evolution. One, represented by the XM1A3, is a vision of what a future M1A2-based Abrams might look like if the Americans upgrade it with experimental technology. The second one, which will be represented by the CATTB, will show what the Abrams might have been, had the Soviet Union not collapsed and its development had not been cut. Jam-packed with cutting edge tech, our CATTB will be effectively a service Block III Abrams fitted with the technologies of 2020s.


But before we get into any details, the usual disclaimer:

The numbers below are very preliminary as the vehicle has not been properly tested. They are sure to change and should only be discussed as an indicator of how we’d like to set the vehicle up.

With that being said:

When compared to the XM1A3, the CATTB will be a bit heavier (70 tons) and slower. Its armor will be roughly the same as the XM1A3 will have and the vehicle will be protected by both soft-kill APS (AN/VLQ-8A) and hard-kill APS (Trophy) as well as by a retrofitted ERA kit. Additionally, its ammunition rack will have further reduced chance to catch fire and explode due to the experimental nature of the weaponry the tank will carry.


Which brings us to its teeth – and sharp they are indeed! The CATTB will be armed with an experimental 140mm ATACS gun with ETC (electrothermal-chemical) technology and FastDraw automatic loading mechanism.

The ETC technology will allow the vehicle to fire shells at higher initial velocities, leading to high penetration and damage values (APFSDS with 850mm and 880 points of damage per shot, HEAT-MP with 870mm and 900 points of damage per shot). The ETC technology will also allow for a smaller muzzle blast, leading to only one half of the usual camouflage penalty for firing. Additionally, the APFSDS shell itself will be quite special, as it will deal additional 25% damage if it penetrates armor nominally thicker than 340mm (that is, not taking the angle into account).

The FastDraw automatic loader will let you fire two shells in rapid succession before having to be reloaded for a longer period of time (15 seconds).

These advantages will be balanced by the tank’s average to mediocre mobility. The CATTB will be powered by a 1450hp diesel engine, which will be somewhat inferior to the gas turbine of the XM1A3 MBT. Its maximum speed will be 70 km/h but the acceleration and steering rate will both be lower than those of the XM1A3.

And, last but not least, the CATTB will feature a new active ability, pushing – once in a while – the vehicle and its crew to their limits. This ability will allow the CATTB to, once per 60 seconds and for the duration of 10 seconds, increase its acceleration by 300 percent and decrease its reload time by 200 percent. However, when it ends, the vehicle will enter a 10 second downtime, during which the abovementioned characteristics are reduced by 150 percent and 100 percent respectively.


This will put a unique spin on the vehicle’s gameplay.

Much like the other Abrams tanks, the CATTB will be fairly universal, although, for each tactic used, downsides of this tank will have to be carefully considered. Even with its basic characteristics, the tank will be more than capable of tearing its way through most battles or even staying in the second line and using its powerful gun to snipe at longer distances.

However, there’s another, high-risk and high-reward option in play here. Its kinetic shells, combined with the abovementioned new active ability, will allow for some very aggressive tactics. Skilled players will be able to target heavy vehicle armor with the deadly shells, deal a lot of damage and trigger the active ability to finish the target off. However, the obvious downside to such stratagems is the active ability downtime, during which the tank will be left mostly exposed.

Regardless, this MBT has the potential to excel on practically any battlefield, should your choice of tactic be the right one. What choice will it be, now that’s something we’ll leave up to you.







In Armored Warfare, Austin Harper will be a fairly universal commander that will, like any true American action hero, not only inspire people around him, but will also get stronger with every loss and wound he suffers only to decimate his opponents at the end of the movie – or, in our case, battle.

His main skill, called “Crucible of War” improves his vehicle’s reload time with every lost team member up to roughly 12 percent when the entire team is down. The skill naturally also improves with levels. Austin Harper also has several other skills that work on the same principle by increasing bonuses with every lost team member, but these focus on protection (crew and component durability, APS reload time).

His other skills include damage boosting of all team mates in a certain radius from his vehicle (similar to the skills of Douglas O’Reilly) by up to 5 percent when multiple skills of this type are selected.

And, finally, Austin Harper features one particular Tier 3 skill that gives him the same ability Alexander Cortez has – to always maximize his damage rolls – but only when his vehicle has 33 percent of hitpoints or less.

How you will configure your commander will be, of course, up to you. However, please note that some other very useful skills will have to be sacrificed in order to unlock this one.


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So you get a commander that is purpose built to half-YOLO. the tomatoes in WOT would be well pleased with a commander with those skills haha

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In Armored Warfare, the Bradley AAWS-H will be a Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer, obtainable from Patriot Loot Crates. We’ve mentioned these crates recently in our Last Patriot article but, long story short, these will be comparable to the other Battle Path Loot Crates and will be purchasable for Battle Coins. In addition to the AAWS-H, other very valuable prizes – such as Commanders and other Premium vehicles – will be obtainable from it as well.


But before we get into any details, the usual disclaimer:

The numbers below are very preliminary as the vehicle has not been properly tested. They are sure to change and should only be discussed as an indicator of how we’d like to set the vehicle up.

With that being said:

As you might have already guessed, the Bradley AAWS-H will be armed with kinetic missiles – four of them, in fact. Of course, for balance reasons, these will not be as powerful as those on Tier 10. They will use the same mechanics though:

  • Missiles treated as kinetic projectiles
  • Penetration increasing with distance (from 500mm at 250m to 1500mm at 700m)
  • Damage increasing with distance (from 360 at 250m to 1189 at 700m)
  • Flight velocity of 2000 m/s
  • Missiles ignore APS and cage armor

There will be four missiles readily available with 4 seconds between each launch. After that, the launcher will retract to reload, which will take roughly 30 seconds (launcher erection time included). The launcher will have limited traverse ability only (roughly 50 degrees) – beyond that, the whole vehicle hull will have to traverse, making you lose the camouflage bonus for being stationary.


The Bradley AAWS-H will be fairly mobile thanks to its light chassis and powerful engine, but its armor will be very basic, just like on a regular Bradley. Military aluminum doesn’t provide much in the terms of protection, after all. Thankfully, two active abilities will be available –ECU Override for getting to position faster than your opponents and the Retreat ability (unlocked via the Workshop), allowing you to increase your acceleration and camouflage at the cost of viewrange and reload speed for getting out hairy situations quickly.

And, last but not least, the second Workshop upgrade available will be the 360 degree FOV system, increasing the viewrange by 100m when stationary (to whopping 500m).

All in all, the Bradley AAWS-H will be akin to the M8 MGM-166, only two Tiers lower. Staying at longer distances from your target and, most importantly, staying hidden will be the key to success with this vehicle. The AAWS-H will be more or less defenseless at close ranges, which is something any prospective commander must keep in mind.


However, at longer ranges, the vehicle will be devastating, especially thanks to its four-round volleys. When played right, your enemies will fall before you like wheat before a scythe, unaware of your existence until the moment they start exploding. However, expose yourselves too soon and your AAWS-H will end up in flames rather quickly.


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