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For a brawlfest map stalingrad had a lot of interesting angles to pop out from and rubble to play with. For example you could do stuff like this 

Hidden village was pretty garbage. I usually just camped on the rocks by k7 and shot idiots in the useless village. 

I was really into autoloaders when pearl river was in the game and I have fond memories of abusing randoms by eating them from random places.

I remember calling Severogorsk's first iteration Snowy El Halluf (before rework) and then the second one had a bush in front of a cliff which would occasionally fuck someone over  when pushing the enemy base.

I can understand the complaints against boosting but there were still a lot of strong spots in the game without it. Lots of destructibles to hide behind and ruin people and ways to surprise people. Favourite move was going C3ish right off the bat and punishing people moving to the top corner. I was basically guaranteed a clip for free within the first minute which was hella nice.

Swamp had lots of potential for big dick energy plays.

Same with South Coast 


One thing I've noticed other than corridors is I'm either dumb or early damage meta is dead. Back then you could rush up to a spot and bleed people a fair bit and get the snowball rolling but now it's pretty difficult to bleed heavy tanks getting into position. Steppes, Ruinberg Encounter and, Live Oaks are the only maps I can really think of that you can still do that on off the top of my head. Notice how all of them are old maps too.

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On 12/12/2019 at 3:55 AM, kolni said:

it was a hellcat game, this was back when you got results in game and not in garage, 5k dmg 3k spot vs tier 8s sitting in a bush with binos and camonet, firing at <300m not getting spotted for the whole game

i literally sat in a bush for 8 minutes

Wat? That was pre 8.0 when the results came in the game and not the garage, servigorsk came out in like... 8.6 or something like that, but way after 8.0 I know that much.

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hmm maybe i'm mistaken, i remember seeing it in that grey square but i won't be afraid to admit i'm wrong about that

it was severogorsk anyway, i was playing on a shitty ass macbook that crashed all the time but that game everything just went my way, did very little in relation to the results to be fair

i don't think i'll ever expect getting that kind of a game ever now because the playerbases are too good, while you can solocarry it's almost always capped out at 2k base for the really hard carries and you don't get those kind of insane games where you're the only tier 6 in a tier 8 game and is top damage, you basically can't get that much xp anymore

you could also abuse chaffee for insane xp, EJ did that and also got 3k-ish

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A new map is always a great opportunity to try new tactics and experience new battle dynamics. Next year, two more fresh maps will be added to the set of in-game locations, including the fabulous Pearl River, which World of Tanks veterans surely remember. Many of you have asked us to reconfigure and bring back this epic locale from early updates with an Asian motif, so it will be returning in 2020 with significant changes.

We reworked Pearl River in stunning HD and tried to preserve its trademark features, while at the same time giving it a new lease of life as a map for Random Battles. We revamped the configuration of the locale, so its gameplay will be different. The setting of Pearl River will also change — it will come before you as a tropical location, but accompanied by Asian features that are so familiar to many World of Tanks veterans.


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I never played on Stalingrad, as it was added after I stopped playing and removed again before I re-installed, but I do miss Windstorm.
Why was that map removed anyway? It was much better than some of the remaining maps, like Airfield.

I think there's a few other maps I never got to play on too. Was there a Berlin map?

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4 hours ago, Panzergraf said:

I never played on Stalingrad,

Games were so quick on that map. Wouldn’t surprise me if I never played a game over 6 minutes on it.

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