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First games in ~5 years. I suck now?

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8 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

It’s the same exact tank armor wise, but with a much much worse gun. Substantially worse pen/alpha/and DPM. 

Ah, I thought it had the same gun as the Jagd Tiger, but I see now it's a nerfed version. But it still has APCR as prem, right?

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19 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

It’s the same exact tank armor wise, but with a much much worse gun. Substantially worse pen/alpha/and DPM. 

WG should give Grille  the HEAT pen from VK72. I think it deserves if for sure, considering the pen of other TDs


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On 12/23/2019 at 1:59 PM, Panzergraf said:

Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for!


Generally good info for  vets returning back to the game. Gives some reasons and direction on good things to continue or the bad to abandon. They talk about Panzer VII


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well I quit 4 years ago, I gave myself a month in early 2019 to try the game again. I managed to do pretty ok. Like 3.4k in tier X meds, and whatnot. It will definitely take you time to get back to speed. 3.4k is shit compared to the 4k's I used to be able to do.

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On 12/21/2019 at 2:55 PM, Panzergraf said:

Re-installed WoT and had my first handul of games in a very, very long time. Didn't go that well.

Some of it is down to me just being rusty, and not knowing the meta on any of the new maps, but apart from that... Has the game changed?

Don't play anything unless it has turret armour, speed and higher alpha than its peers. Since you are returning after a hiatus get something with at least -8 gun dep to learn the new maps. This is pretty much the theme of how not to get frustrated by the game in 2019. With anything else you will just be gimping yourself. 

Also load food and spam APCR if APCR is an option (that bit hasn't changed)

Heaviums are less dominant than they were in late 2017 - 2018 ish because of maps with TD traps and general TD spam, but IMO they are still the best class in the game by far. If you have the T-10 or the WZ11111111, spam games in those to get a feel for the new meta. Be prepared to load a lot of HEAT since everyone and their dog has 250mm+++ of turret armour with 'weakspots' that are autobounce to everything but HEAT.

On 12/24/2019 at 7:15 PM, ZXrage said:

Yes the Löwe is a very good tank now, a bit boring because it's quite slow but otherwise a good credit earner

To humor myself until Christmas arrives I'm going to do mini-reviews for all the T8 premium tanks as of posting (Dec 2019). It's best to learn up on all the tier 8 premiums since they populate the tier by a fair bit now.

  Hide contents

- was trash then, still trash now, it just doesn't work that well as a boomstick heavy especially with 440 alpha heavies

- Good tank, decent pen and workable armor means you're competitive in all tiers, also a good credit earner

- Surprisingly a good heavium in today's meta, I think is the best of the pref-MM tanks right now because of the speed and pen buff it got years ago

Type 59
- Once a real hunter in a tier 8 wolfpack, got powercreep'd into being just alright. I'd rate it as a T-44-100 with pref-MM. Probably up there with the SP for being alright pref-MM prems

- kinda shit even with the pen buffs, you're meeting much more armor at tier 8 these days

- pretty shit these days, pretty much a meme if you pull it out

FCM 50t
- I'd imagine it's still competitive, but I never see these things around anymore to gauge its performance.

JT 8.8
- It's a bit bad, hard to make work because of the pew-pew gun and noturret

- was a Type 59 but worse and has 122, even more crap now because tanks hit harder these days

- see IS-6

Panther 8.8
- kinda shit, apparently due for a buff in the future

- kinda shit to almost alright, don't see these around anymore because there are better options

- was shit before, is shit now

T-54 1st prot.
- T-44-100 that trades mobility for armor, so you can kind-of interchange the two, I'd still pick the 44-100 though. Pretty good tier 8 medium.

- see 112

Pz. 58 (Mutz)
- I don't enjoy this tank, you have better options, although it is arguably one of the better tier 8 premium mediums

M46 KR
- An alright tier 8 medium, altough that isn't saying much these days

- I think it was meant to replace the T-34-3 when they decided to get rid of pref-MM, it's kinda shit since its armor profile doesnt work

M4A1 Revalorise
- Pretty good medium, packs a heavy punch of 390 alpha although you're pretty fragile. Also kinda slow for a medium

FV4202 (It's a premium now)
- It's an alright T8 British medium, but there are better options now

IS-3A (It came out around this time)
- Was kinda shit before, now it's a strong T8 heavy because of the autoreloading system (look it up yourself)
- I don't think it's better than tech tree IS-3, though

-  It's shit, the 105 variant is much better

M41 90mm
- One of the better tier 8 lights, although overshadowed by latter releases, HESH round that wrecks wheelchair tanks

- Strong tier 8 medium, I would pick this up if it's on sale but that's just me, in general though tier 8 mediums aren't very competitive besides a couple

---(Start of the OP premium era)---

Rhm. Skorpion
- This tank was so dominant when it came out, and still is these days (most popular premium tank). The 490 alpha + mobility + turret is a killer combo

AMX M4 49 (Liberte)
- Was really strong when it came out, these days its fairly balanced (says a lot about the current meta)

T26E5 (Patriot)
- Very strong heavium, mobility + armor is very good. Personally not a fan of the gun though since it's a bit derpy

Obj. 252U (Defender)
- currently the strongest tier 8, so strong WG refuses to sell it again (besides events I think?) Armor + mobility + 440 alpha is very strong, you can chop off a portion of your brain and YOLO and still get a better WR than average

---(End of the OP premium era)---

T25 Pilot #1
- solid tier 8 medium, although there are better options. Really don't see these around anymore

Lorr. 40t (yes it's a premium now)
- Solid autoloading medium, good mobility and burst, overshadowed by a certain tier 8 autoloader

M6A2E1 (they put it for sale around this time)
- Yes this was a beta tester tank, yes WG is greedy, yes it's very comptitive because its frontal armor is strong for its tier, no the gun did not get better

Strv S1
- King of the bushwanker TDs, makes good profit beacause of 288 pen standard APCR round, very reactive tank because of Siege mode mechanics (look it up)

Chrysler K

Strv 81 (Primo Victoria)
-  premium Swedish Centurion, on-par with the Cent. 5/1 RAAC I think

- very good brawling TD, meaty 440 alpha and the hull traverse will catch flankers off guard

STG (Guard)
- Obj. 416 with 390 boomstick, I like it even though it's a bit bad

AMX Cda 105
- Decent TD, has the same gun as the (old) AMX-30, outclassed by the Strv S1 in bushwanking

- an alright tier 8 light, severely outclassed by wheelchair tanks. I like it, though.

VK 162.01 (Mauerbrecher)
- Kinda shit, even if it has a 440 alpha gun, think tier 8 Maus

- ultimate variant of AMX ELC before it got castrated, very good tier 8 light, best camo in class b/c it's small as fuck so you can passive spot for days

Somua SM
- AMX 50 100 with one less shot and more armor, which means it's a better tank

Progetto M35
- currently the best tier 8 medium, shits on the other autoloaders because it autoreloads and has god-mode dispersion / mobility values

Cent. 5/1 RAAC
- premium Australian Centurion but better, on-par with Strv 81

Caernarvon AX
- Strong tier 8 heavy, like the T26E5 but trades mobility for more armor, I think good credit maker too but I don't have one

Kanonenjagdpanzer 105
- Better than standard KJpz because it has the 105 of tier 10 mediums, stil loses to S1 as a bushwanker

50TP prot.
- Obj. 252U that trades armor for a touch better mobility and a better gun, still not as strong as a Defender but still overall a good tank

- broke tier 8 light meta, has the armor of a medium with the size and speed of a light, pick one up if you can

- like the Skorp in that it has mobility + 520 boomstick, trades a bit of Skorp mobility and a full turret for a touch better gun

- used to be a CC only tank, not very good because the platform is ass even if you have the best DPM

- Don't see this tank that much. It's a Chinese variant of the standard tier 8 M41 Bulldog, I guess it's average to worse than the other lights?

EBR 75
- Wheeled tank, game-breaking mobility, really doesn't matter what you do as long as you can YOLO the enemy you'll get 3k spotting

HWK 30
- Ru 251 if it was still a tier 8, about the same as the M41 90, I think it has a better sillhouette so it's a better spotter

- tier 8 american TD w/o a turret, surpisingly good if you can make it work. Pretty slow though just like the line

Lansen C
- 50/50 tank, either you like the 320 alpha -10 degree gun depression boomstick medium or you're turned off by the gun comfortability (it's kinda bad)

- Don't see this tank a lot, but from what I can gather it's bad

EMIL 1951
- Solid autoloading heavy, if you can find a ridgeline and go hulldown you're gucci

VK 75.01 (K)
- Like the Mauerbrecher, but it gets a meatier 490 alpha gun and is balanced by the god-awful platform it's on

Skoda T 27
- It's a good autoloading medium, still gets shit on by Progetto though

- The best tank in its line, and it's the goddamn premium lmao please don't get this tank

- surprisingly a strong medium, get's a touch meatier 280 alpha which is better than its 90mm brothers

Turtle Mk. I
- Good if you can get to the fight and hulldown, you will melt whatever is in front of you, otherwise you're just a map tourist

M48A2 Raumpanzer
- Literally a heavy medium because it's the M48 at tier 8, it's just alright, I suppose? Looks comfy although you might not enjoy it because it's a slow medium like M4A1 Rev.

M54 Renegade (T54E2)
- Very good heavium, trades off workable armor for decent mobility and a good and meaty 360 alpha gun

E-75 TS
- Like the Renegade but trades the gun for a touch better mobility and workable armor

Obj. 703 II
- Don't have one, but is currently the only tank with double barrels, If you can trade two shots you're really strong

I'd add that the 44-100 is a demigod in Frontlines though only decent for pubs. The maps being large and open and gameplay being dynamic really allows it to farm mad damage + play objectives. The only tank in the game mode to hold a candle to the Progetto.
Also RAAC has that 120mm upper plate, better bloom and even higher HP/T. The UFP means that a hulldown RAAC using gun dep is as hard to dislodge as a Caern while being smaller + it can race to those positions cruising at 45 ish kph. The best Cent ingame (not that it has much competition).

This may seem like hyperbole but to me the RAAC is a better med than the normal Cents and a better heavium than the Patriot. The problem is that, even then, you will get outmedium-ed by T-44s/Progettoes, out-traded by heavies and your face kicked in by new wave heaviums - Renegade/ E75TS/Emil II.


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On 1/1/2020 at 5:20 AM, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

Who woke you from the dead? 

Hopped on to find some quality shitposts + old guides from times long gone.
Happy new year by the way.

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Well, RAAC has better turret and hull armour that will frustrate enemies fielding poor pen. The superior penetration will help vs enemies like Defender, which can certainly frustrate T-44 Hundo not willing to spam prem. The gun depression and VR can make RAAC seem untouchable in tier 8 on a ridge at long distances, with its gun giving it great reach too - T44 has trouble doing that. 

on the otherhand, T44 has better mobility, DPM, camo  making it an excellent frontlines flanker and roamer. The DPM and side armour protects it better against armoured cars, and random HE threats like  oho  and HK3O. 

Pick your poisons, I'd say 1LPC and Lansen are great in FL too, good enough to compliment progetto usage.



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Thank you all for your help, I've made it back up to 50-55% wr on my sessions, so still not quite back up to where I was, but it's better than the abyssmal results I got when I first started playing again.

Still haven't tried Frontlines yet though.

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