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Hello all on the WoTlabs forum! Coming up is the new year, and with the new year (yay!). With the new year is my birthday, to celebrate I have decided to give back to this awesome community with a replay contest. This is no ordinary replay contest, it is far more important than that. This is a replay contest to decide who is the greatest World of Tanks player of all time. All are welcome to participate, but only the greatest player will win eternal glory and bragging rights. I am buying the prizes out of my own money, so i will not purchase bundles. Prizes will be gifted to the winners after the contest closes and results are announced. 

The prizes:

  1. First place will be decided by highest damage and will win either a tier 8 premium tank or the gold equivalent for those who have all of them. The tank must be in your server's premium shop at the time of the contest conclusion.
  2. Second place will be decided by highest base XP and will win a tier 7 Premium tank or gold equivalent. The same rules apply.
  3. Third place is decided by the highest number of kills and wins a tier 6 or lower premium tank or gold equivalent. The above rules also apply. 


  • The contest will take place between the release of this post and the last day of January. The date is taken from the time stamp of the replay. 
  • Replays from the NA, SEA, and EU server will be accepted. 
  • You must use the Churchill Gun Carrier
  • You must fire at least 1 standard armor piercing round that must deal damage.
  • Team killing is a disqualification of the replay.
  • Racism/homophobia in chat is also a disqualification.
  • in the event of a tie for damage the higher base XP will win.
  • In the event of a tie for base XP the higher damage will win.
  • in the event of a tie for kills the higher damage will win.
  • people who win more than 1 category will win the higher prize, the lower prizes will go to the runner up.

The winning relays will be commentated on by me some time in February. results and prizes will be posted in February. Best of luck, show off you skills in the best tank in the game.

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I'll jump in and up the incentive a bit, with some tougher requirements though


75 EUR on Paypal from me, no strings attached (has to be posted here on Wotlabs though) to the first person who can beat my top damage Churchill GC game (in damage, if that wasn't clear).

*no platoons, no rigging (i'll check)

*PM me if you were able to do it and we'll sort it from there

*Expires the same time as this contest

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2 hours ago, Strigonx said:

How do you even 5k in tier 6

it was my first game with the top gun lol


that was probably the dumbest thing i've ever done in my wot career

once i got the top gun i started enjoying it, you could play exactly the same way like with the stock gun but with straight up better performance cuz u can pen anything and deal relevant damage for the tier

i had very many sub 1k games cuz 1 mistake kills this thing but also very many 3,5k+ games because once you could get it to snipe without taking attention it just straight up murders everything

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12 hours ago, Joyrider216 said:

I thought this would be just a simple damage farm, but then you made it a million times better, time bring back the old girl :serb:

Game carrying time. bonus to the ugliest paint-job.

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11 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

nobody is stupid enough to suffer through such shit for a few bucks or a premium 

also yes @kolni set the bar pretty high 

Pretty high is an understatement :doge:

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This post will be updated if I get a better result before the end of January.

Up over 2k damage for my highest-damaging game. This also had 4 kills.



I should also mention that I had every intention of playing this tank before I knew about the contest... having played some real clunkers in my time (TVP VTU, SAu S40, neck-brace-era 50 120, ARL V39 pre-buff) I wanted to see how this thing matched up... it's pretty bad.

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