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UDES 15/16 - Tier 10 Med

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Full Stats: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:S28_UDES_15_16




So, I recently made great use of the all the free blueprints we got for reaching Festive tier 10 and some free XP to research the UDES 16 (the tier 9 Med) gun so I could instantly research the UDES 15/16 and bypass the tier 9 completely (which seems to be a stinker compared to the tier 8, tier for tier). However, I was surprised that there was no topic dedicated to the tier 10 - most of what I've found has been comments in other threads (e.g. the tier 8 and 9 threads), but I think this deserves a thread of its own. 

From what I've seen, a few streamers tend to play this tank as one of their rotation of meds, and get great results in it. I guess this is the combination of great alpha damage for a med, good mobility and a hugely exploitable/unique strength with the -12 gun dep + autobounce hull/turret to other meds/most heavies. I only played my first games in it yesterday, but initial thoughts are that it punishes people who don't aim and is actually quite good in a dog fight (a Standard B bounced all 3 rounds trying to circle me), and the gun is very comfortable, although the temptation to switch to HEAT early is there.

As I play more games and get more of a feel for it,  I plan to update and edit this post in an attempt to review the tank as best as I can. In the meantime, please share feedback, thoughts and comments (both good and bad), as well as any tips or things to note.


*To follow


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You didn’t miss anything by skipping the tier 9.

15/16 seemed like a reasonably popular ride for a while. But the STB seems to have stolen a bit/lot of it’s thunder since it got siege mode.


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42 minutes ago, sohojacques said:

15/16 seemed like a reasonably popular ride for a while. But the STB seems to have stolen a bit/lot of it’s thunder since it got siege mode.

Hardly. most of the people i know as well as myself agree the STB should have kept its natural gun depression rather than the siege gimmick, historical or not. 

and as far as hulldown capability goes? the Udes wins by a mile in its environment as the armor is far superior.

the main reason the STB is more popular to the Udes is the gun, STB's gun now basically makes it the equivalent of a Japanese T95E6 but on a playable platform (no tumor).

The Udes is definitely and underplayed tank, only real gripe i have personally is the gold pen in the current meta of lmao armor. but other than that its a solid tank.  

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I've definitely been enjoying this thing. Overall it's a very comfortable tank to play.

The mobility isn't paper med level, but for the amount of armor this thing has it's definitely very good. Decent acceleration, ~50kmh on flat ground, and decent traverse speed. It definitely beats the M48 Patton (which is pretty closely comparable in the hulldown semi-armored medium role) in the mobility department thanks to the higher top speed and power/weight.

The armor is interesting. HEAT or a large enough caliber gun will wreck you, and AP/APCR can pen the cupola (although it's an iffy shot). But, overall, it's a very bouncy tank, and is a pain to face head-on if it's hulldown. Even when not hulldown, it is still troll thanks to most of the tank (besides the thin flat frontal plate) being autobounce or very close to it.

The gun has a lot of strengths, but also some weaknesses. 440 alpha on a 7.7 second reload (without Vents or Improved Equipment) is absurd. Add decent gun performance and the second best gun depression in the game at tier 10, and you have a very strong gun. You are held back sometimes by the lowish pen (254/310), low shell velocity (1,000/840), and needing to get used to the automatic siege mode, but those can all be worked around.

In summary, this tank has everything you need to be a good pubstomper. Decent mobility, usable armor, gun depression, and a rather good gun.

I would say the STB-1 is a better tank, but I prefer the UDES 15/16 over it thanks solely to the fact that the UDES can actually hit things outside of 200m. The STB-1's gun is amazing close range, but at anything mid-to-long range it's an RNG crapshoot which puts me on tilt after only a few battles. The UDES on the other hand performs pretty reliably at any range, which is nice.

This is one of the tier 10s I've been playing most recently, and it's definitely been fun. My only regret is that my DPG is crap thanks to 2 drunk sessions with the tank early on, but that will be fixed with time.

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Tank is amazing when the gun works and anti-fire RNG is on your side. The camo and armor is broken, but it's not over powered, the gun and ammo characteristics balance it out.

Arty will set it on fire regularly since the engine is in the front, HE which people tend to shoot will do the same.

Suspension can fuck your shot if you pull back too quickly after shooting because of server-client lag.

I think this tank is more influenced by rng than other mediums imho.

It's bi-polar for me. It's either 5k+ dmg or <2k games. Almost never in between

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On 1/2/2020 at 6:47 AM, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

only real gripe i have personally is the gold pen in the current meta of armor. but other than that its a solid tank.  

Same problem hurts and holds back Emil51 and Kran. Placing something like an IS7 (or 252U) right next to you, and shooting 242 APCR pen down into its lower plate, you see the clear difference 242 has versus something more normal, like 255-265

of all the nice things Kran got, making it more of a dangerous and complete tank  -  it just can't compete in CW. The HEAT pen is too low. An included buff in the Kran re-work, should have been at least 315 HEAT pen too



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Better than the STB-1 for me, turret is way better, hull is better, alpha has more value. Think even with all its buffs the STB-1 is pretty much obsolete compared to the UDES.

I did very well with the thing in ranked, haven't actually played it that much in randoms because I am still working on missions for other nations, but in ranked it is the closes thing to a 430U with lots of gun depression. Had something like a near 70% WR in ranked with it IIRC and over 100% chevron rate, it can compete with the 430Us, 907s, 279s, Chiefs. etc. especially as hilariously it doesn't need to do any bouncing to earn 'role xp', IIRC it's counted like a normal med not an armoured one. Plus the camo allows you to be sneaky scout if needed, making it an all round very versatile tank.

And as said in the OP, in close range dogfights its a pain in the behind to other meds if they are using their APCR they will bounce a lot and it can even sidescrape to a degree because of the rear turret and the side armour being just enough. 

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personally found the armour to be close to useless, not that the armour layout is bad (it isn't) but for how effective the armour is you rarely actually get to use it

the playstyle means you rarely ever show anything but your turret anyway so i found the armour on the hull to be overkill, i'd much rather have it stripped of it and better mobility values instead (which aren't bad either, but the tank would benefit much more from that than the armour imo)

gold value pretty much killed the enjoyment for me though, going from an m60 with 350 heat to this made it painfully obvious how much impact it has for my gameplay


still a 7.5/10 tank though for me, after the 3mark i just ran out of steam to keep playing it

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I bought this yesterday and played it a whole bunch. I am absolutely doing it wrong - and it's fun. How wrong? LNE, optics, vents. 46% camo sitting and 36% moving. That puts it in the middle of the tier X LTs for camo values and let's me do stupid vision plays with 440 alpha and some armor to get me out of sticky situations.

It becomes a hybrid of TD, LT and MT in this mode. I've def struggled to learn where i can safely be at 50 kph and how to use the siege depression mechanic - so some real misplays and suicides. That said 2500 dpg and 1900 spotting is pretty influential in the matches. 

Should you do this? Probably not. Being good at dpg is probably more useful. But the profile, camo and alpha lend themselves to my niche of sitting in a bush and making the enemies regret pressing battle.

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