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Dawn of Industry power-rankings

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okay, a tad about some history first.   My first CW reward was IS5, with Fusion. I got T95E6 with Thugz, as my first T X Reward. Selected 121B as my second, a part of Supernova. Selected obj907 for my third, being a part of Pingu. Lastly, just purchased M60 with bonds from the store. I am debating whether or not I want to take part in D of I, as I won't be able to take part in all of it. I leave for work on the 23rd, nor am I in a super duper hipper turbo clan, so I'd be stuck. The remaining driving factors to sway me, are of course bonds and being able to assemble either Kreslavsky or Chieftain. But enough of that, every campaign I have been part of had different directional meta-game tank usage, so I'm just out to predict D of I.


Star-Road, God tier:   obj 260, Chieftain, 279E, obj 430U, obj 907, EBR105, GC

Every tank here is self explanatory. 

Gold cup, Tier 1:   Super Conq, WZ5A, obj 277, IS7, VK72, bat chat, UDES, obj 140, T-100LT, Strv, T110E3, obj 268V4, M53/M55

Pretty much the strong tanks acting as filler and subs in tank locking, or clans without lineups of CW rewards. Nevertheless still good stuff. VK72 the new replacement for derper Type 5, with the added attacking ability because of 35Omm HEAT. TDs seem to continue to fall and fall in usage because speed is so important, so the good ones appear here. Russian light is a great backup, and works. M53/M55 though a great arty, just can't seem to deal enough damage to be God tiered

Silver cup, Tier 2:   Kran, T57, Maus, T110E4, K-91, Leo, AMX13105, obj 261

Mediocre stuff that is passable. or extremely situational, like Maus for sponging or T57 for close range DPM. Kran doesn't have suitable HEAT, so its here. E4 for those close range maps where people want to use it as pseudo-heavy, and it can still do the old Type 5 dirty ass HE'ing. Sniper schnitzel pseudo-TD meds as well. Thought about placing TVP here, but does anyone TVP anymore? STB1 despite the buffs, is just what I think is an UDES that sucks. obj 261 can still work as arty, though the low ammo count and damage, oooofffff

Everything else is trash.

121B could have been good with its buffs, but the DPM and top speed are just too low. T62A is a bad 140, itself a poorer 907. 113 is a bad 430U,  lol at the people that thought it would rival WZ. T110E5 is a bad Conqueror.  AMX30 a bad Leo. 705 a bad VK72. 60TP is over rated, I'd never take this thing over VK72 or E4. Don't think progetto or TVP have what it takes for CW, though excellent in pubs. Type 5 is trash now and rightfully so, WG best decision ever. Badger sucks, really did it ever amount to anything with all its prior hype? Panzer wagon used to do exotic route blocking strategies on Mines/Karelia hill, but with EBR that doesn't work anymore. Feel free to chime in if I left anything out. And before people want to cry foul about hulldown STB1 or M48A2 or Cent AX  -  believe me UDES replaces all of them



Your autism has been proofread and fixed. -H



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@Diriz0n IF you have any of the top tier tanks (by your own ranking) you can probably get into most clans. If you cant participate the whole time your chances of getting a tank are much lower. I'd suggest you just try and get into the bond auction. 15-20K bonds will get you a lot of good stuff.

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