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back from the dead...?

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Hello everyone.


Guess who's back? back again...

So basically I'm back after life hit me hard and tryina' have fun creating content for you guys. Some of you may remember me, although I doubt it.

If you're wondering what kind of stuff I was making, here you go. Feedback is always welcomed by the way!

so, until I'm getting some content myself, i'd ask you the following:

if you have any kind of amusing conversations/events going on in your wot games, or even meme ideas, feel free to send them to me via mail (wotfunnyseries@yahoo.com), and I'll bring them to life in my own way :)


thanks a lot!
Will keep you updated as soon as the first vid comes out :)

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5 hours ago, Wanderjar said:

welcome back? i guess? 
the more important question is:


yea... why...?

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10 hours ago, Wanderjar said:

why come back? you were free

because I like doing it

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