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Changing crew qualification

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I wished they just made the change to silver.  Seems to be a world of tanks ongoing trend anyway, to make these changes so people complain less and less about gold expenditures. I would easily be down with paying five-hundred K, or one or two mill silver  -  to change a completely useless radio operator to a worthwhile crew member. Non German that is, who seem to favour the radio operator. Russia is particularly bad with it, having lines like KV4, MT25, 212A, T3485 halt with the radio operators and then three skill crew members aren't being used anymore. It adds up, at five-hundred gold a pop

I have a feeling they are delaying making any of these changes, because of upcoming crew changes (2) being a thing for this year. And I understand crew books sort of alleviate the problem, but why should I have to pay for six mill in crew books, when I can just sub-in another fairly experienced crew member from something like KV4 or T28 Proto or T32 and 212A

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wishful thinking certainly. though 500 gold isn't terribly steep either esp if you catch a sale. 
Though 1.8 is here in very short order and its basically all the Sandbox changes at once

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