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not new but back

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Last 2 years have been kind of weird for me, had to take on a lot of personal problems and I guess it helped me out.

I kinda came across the realization recently that as a kid I chronically played videogames not primarily out of enjoyment but as a way to get away from responsibilities and procrastinate, as well as run away from personal problems. As a result of this I never truly enjoyed, but rather just kinda stayed a stressball while playing any game, including WoT, so it was extremely easy to get me tilted and toxic despite me being alright irl.

Since realizing this, and learning to separate my career and personal life, I started enjoying life more, and I just play games sometimes for fun now, hopefully I'll be back in WoT as a much more positive person, albeit a bit less active.

Reason im reintroducing myself is because im looking for some platoonmates to just kinda have some easygoing games, chill with. Anyone wanna play?

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welcome back then sir! I would but I work nights US time so i doubt im around in your play time.

hope you find a home again here. try the wotlabs discord or the WOTNA discord?

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