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No alliances CW Season 14

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"The Alliance Mechanic will be off for Season 14."

I actually left my clan after last clan wars season because I thought the alliance mechanic was bad for the game.  The alliance mechanic prevented battles and took some of the fun out of clan wars.  On the NA server, about 70% of the clans on the map were in the same alliance.  There were sub 900 ELO clans next to us on the map that we were not allowed to attack because they were in our alliance.  We weren't allowed to take land from anyone in the alliance without their permission.  It wasn't clan wars.  Sure, diplomacy exists in a normal clan wars season, but not on the scale that the alliances had.

Other Info:

General Settings
Ghost Clan Rules are ON.
Assigning victory points together with Gold is ON.
Starting Influence points: 1500
Firefly Provinces are OFF.
Alliances are OFF.
Quest System is ON.
Gold quests are ON.
Influence points quests are ON.
Battle offset feature is ON.
Income limit is set to 10. (You will only receive Gold for the 10 lowest provinces you own.)
Revolts are ON.
Pillages are ON.
Partial refund of credits are ON.
Penalties are ON.

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Yes they were until the season that started yesterday.  

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