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Strv K (T9 Swedish HT)

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Few more thoughts: Snapshotting and even 1/2 aimed shots go everywhere. Trading up front with a 703 II - he WILL get three shots into you for about the time it takes you to get 3 into him (single fire) - which seems crazy to me.

The Cent 5/1 turret at tier 8 is feels better than yours armor-wise. Plus you only have about +100 DPM in this thing. The flat around the mantlet and at the front of the curve in the mantlet is 235-260 so you end up trading with pubbies really poorly - i'll be trading shots to the face with a tomato and they might outdamage me 10 to 1. So finally one of the 5ish shells a minute gets chambered and you are desperate to get it out and you get trolled by the bloom. Frustrating. And snapshotting the arties as they pop while cleaning up at the end of the game- nope. never. So nothing great. Can autobounce on upper plate. Hitting 2200ish per game and honestly grateful for it so far. 

Take Westfield - you can make things happen on the center ridge, but most TDs will blap you in the face. Doesn't have the speed to take an early position and get a cheeky shot in for free. Definitely a throw back to the premiums of yesteryear - makes prem 8ish credits. Bonds nice I guess. 

Edit: Oh, and it gets lit on fire from the front. 

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