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WIN ratio vs. WIN8 ratio question.

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Hello all.. kind of a newb here...

Been playing awhile.. and made a lot of mistakes early in tank selection and crew skills selections.. been trying to increase my stats (and play better).  My rating is pretty crappy.

Anyway.. working at it, and looking at my historical stats...

I see that my WIN8 rating is increasing well, but my WIN rate is going down.  Also, my Damage and Experience is going up.

Why would the WIN rate be decreasing?  I have looked at other posts, and don't really get a good sense as to why this would be?

Can anyone elaborate? Thanks in advance!  MC


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You can farm quite some damage late in game when the battle is already won or lost. You win more by dealing damage early and in the right places to give your team an advantage (in additional to the same later game damage).

There isn't a magic formula or solution to this. It's experience and good play. You should find early damage spots where you can spot the enemy and damage the enemy. In the beginning you will overextended, but mistakes are needed to learn.

Also moving this to metagame, because this is not a mathematics questions.

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You may be seeing a large fluctuation in your WIN8 and winrate because you don't have many battles over all. It takes a few thousand battles for it to level off.

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